30 things to do before you’re 30

Turning 30 is a big deal. There is something about that number that has us under 30 crowd freaking out. While a 3 and an 0 separately are harmless, together they make up an age that produce a little anxiety in us. I am here to say that 30 is not as fearsome as society makes it out to be.

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At 30, you are much more familiar with who you are as a person. You are most likely well underway in your career and have been in at least one serious relationship. In an effort to be more present in your own life, I have created a list of 30 things to do before you’re 30 so as to make that 30th birthday of yours (or 31, we’ll let it slide) be one that can look back and say you have gotten a good taste of life and are only getting started.

  1. Live by yourself
  2. Embarrass yourself by singing karaoke
  3. Taste something you were sure you hated but never actually tasted
  4. Learn to do you own laundry
  5. Budget your finances
  6. Open a savings account
  7. Travel at least once a year to a place that you have no family in
  8. Call in sick just because you want a day in bed
  9. Get a pet
  10. Make someone else dinner (NOT order in something for you two)
  11. Have a debate with someone about politics
  12. Go to a museum (you would be amazed at how many people haven’t been to one)
  13. Thank your parents for raising you
  14. Decorate your own space
  15. Buy that really expensive pair of shoes/jacket/whatever
  16. Go out and pay for a super expensive dinner
  17. Be kind to yourself
  18. Travel by yourself
  19. Get a plant, and keep it alive
  20. Help someone out without expecting anything in return (this one you should do no matter what age you are)
  21. Forgive easily
  22. Read at least one book a year (I’m being kind here…)
  23. Quit a job
  24. Go on a shopping spree
  25. Volunteer at a charity that is close to your heart
  26. Find a good general practitioner
  27. Know how to cook more than pasta or toast
  28. Have a night you DON’T remember
  29. Vote
  30. Last but not least, learn to listen to yourself

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These are all suggestive, of course, but I have to say that no matter how old you are, this list applies. If you are reading this at 35, 48 or 61, this list applies to you – especially the ‘learn to do your own laundry’ because that’s embarrassing at that point.

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