A helpful list of useful and time-saving cooking hacks

Whether you cook for yourself, for friends, or with your family, weekly meal prep can be a hassle for your busy lifestyle. Let’s face it, we live in an age where everything is faster and we expect cooking to be the same. Guess what, though – it can be, if you just use these hacks, which pro chefs swear by.

[post_page_title]M&M trick[/post_page_title]

It’s only normal when cooking with measurements to sometimes lose track of precisely how much you were supposed to be using. While adding an extra cup here and there probably won’t entirely ruin your meal, it might make things a lot less tasty. And when you’re dealing with baking, accurate amounts get that much more important. So, in order to keep tabs on how many cups you put in, you can use this delicious trick: if you need 6 cups of flour, for example, then place 6 M&Ms in front of you. Every time you put in a cup, eat an M&M until they’re all gone.

M&M trick

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