36 people with pretty memorable tattoos

Tattoos are becoming much more common amongst young people. While they were once taboo and frowned upon, nowadays it seems that more and more people are opting to have their bodies inked.While some may chose to have a personal and meaningful message forever inscribed on their body, others chose to be more spontaneous and get a tattoo on a whim. This is why there are age restrictions on who can get a tattoo.

Not only is it a very painful process but it also results in something that is permanent, which means that you don’t want to get something that you will regret. For the most part, a tattoo is forever (unless you pay a large amount to get laser removal) so you have to chose wisely. This is one reason why many people abstain from getting tattoos as they feel they will regret it in the long run.

The history of tattoos goes back hundreds of years although they were not as commonly seen as they are today. In the 19th century, the government of Japan outlawed tattoos and did not repeal the law until the late 1940s. In 2012, the city of Osaka banned any new tattoos for employees. There is also a history of oppressed people being forced to get tattooed, which is in stark contrast to today as many consider tattoos to be hip.

It is extremely common for people to have tattoos in the Western world and many people have tattoos that they believe are meaningful. Whether they are honoring a loved one or reminding themselves of something that they believe in, a tattoo is often considered an artistic way to express one’s values. However, sometimes tattoos can go awry and they might portray the opposite of the meaning you intended.

We are guessing that a lot of people on our list wish that they thought twice before heading down to their local tattoo parlor. Most people would think that before you get a tattoo, you should spell check what you want to get written and run it by a few friends.

Alas, the tattoo recipients on our list decided to forgo spell check and get straight to the point. While we feel terrible for these people who have major mistakes permanently inked on their bodies, they do provide us with a lot of entertainment. While most of the items on this list will leave you giggling, some will leave you saying, “why would they do that?”

[post_page_title]Puzzling choice[/post_page_title]

These two best friends or romantic partners clearly intended to state that they were the missing piece to the other person. While the sentiment is sweet, the execution was not as successful. Their relationship may fit perfectly, however, these puzzle pieces do not. There are two corner pieces and that means that they would never fit together in a puzzle no matter how hard you tried to mash them into one another. It was a nice thought though.

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