4 simple ways to be more productive

We all wish we could be a little bit more productive sometimes. Perhaps we have a deadline looming or a ton of work on our plates, and yet we just can’t get into that mindset to get it all done! In fact, it’s usually when we have too much to do that we feel least productive. Luckily, there are some pretty simple ways to be more productive – and here are just four of them.

Write a list

Sure, it may be taking some time out of that all-important ‘working time,’ but writing a list is an easy way to get into the productive mindset. Write out everything that you think you need to do today, then look over it. What are the biggest priorities? Re-write the list, with just three main priorities that need to be done. Then, write another three things that would be good to get finished today (but which aren’t vital). Finally, write another three things that can definitely be left until tomorrow if needed. By prioritizing on the most important things, it will take your mind off of the things that can be left until tomorrow. It’s also useful to ‘mind dump’ anything that you think you need to do, so it’s not all running through your mind when you’re trying to work.

4 simple ways to be more productive

The Pomodoro method

The Pomodoro method is straightforward but ridiculously effective. You basically need to set a timer for 25 minutes, where you’ll focus only on the task in front of you. When the timer goes off, set another one for five minutes. This is your break time, to step away from the computer or whatever it is you’re doing. Rinse and repeat throughout the day to see an instant boost in productivity. This method was created after research showed that humans can only focus on something for around 25 minutes before getting distracted. Schedule in your breaks and distraction time using the Pomodoro method!

Get outside

Sometimes, we can feel as though work is getting too much, and we become less and less productive. Getting outside, enjoying some fresh air, and soaking up some Vitamin D can really help boost your productivity levels. The exercise will get the blood pumping through your veins, while you inhale plenty of fresh air into your lungs. If you can’t get outside for any reason, then try getting the blood pumping another way. Lock yourself in the restroom at work and jog on the spot. Do some jumping jacks or run up the stairs. Whatever you can do to get your heart beating faster will put your mind back in the game when you return to your desk.

4 simple ways to be more productive

Just start

When we have too much on our plates, it can be really easy to just go and bury our heads in the sand. It’s like some form of productivity paralysis, where you don’t know where to start! However, you’ll find that if you just start something – anything – the productivity will follow. For example, if you open up all of the tabs you need for your assignment, you’ll realize your halfway there. If you put on your gym clothes, you’re far more likely to go to the gym. Just start and force the motivation to join you!

In a productivity slump? Try these four simple ways to be more productive and see how it goes. And stop getting distracted reading articles on how to be more productive!

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