5 best sunglasses models that you can find on the market

Although we love seeing that big ol’ yellow thing in the sky, it’s always important to be on top of your sun protection game. This means whipping out the sun lotion on a regular basis, but this also means wearing your sunglasses. Don’t worry, though, because these sunnies aren’t just for summer. Sunglasses are perfect all-year-round, and they’re also the coolest addition to your outfit. You can mix and match, you can play it safe, or you could even go all out and pick out the wildest pair in the store. However, if you’re looking for the best of the best, look no further…

Moscot Zev Sun

While they may not be the cheapest pair in the store, the Moscot Zev Sun sunglasses are totally worth a few extra dollar bills. Known as one of the most impressive brands in the world, this company knows how to create a sturdy pair of sunglasses that also look like they could have walked straight off the runway. The Zev Sun model is classic and sophisticated, with an edgy look that will keep you on top of the trends. As if that wasn’t cool enough, they also come in two different sizes!

5 best sunglasses models that you can find on the market

Tom Ford Keith

Can you go wrong with Tom Ford? We think not. The Keith model has everything you could possibly want from an everyday pair of sunglasses, and the soft pilot metal gives it that classic look. With various color options to choose from, you can walk down the street wearing silver, rose gold, champagne, or blue sunglasses that are bound to make everyone else jealous.

5 best sunglasses models that you can find on the market

Oakley Holbrook Prizm

If you’re the kind of person that loves the outdoors, you’ll know that Oakley is one of the best brands out there. Known for their sturdy products and their effortless style, these guys know just what to do. This can also be said for their Oakley Holbrook Prizm sunglasses. These glasses have been specifically designed to help maximize the contrast and visibility of your surroundings, while also being totally waterproof!

5 best sunglasses models that you can find on the market

Ray-Ban Round Craft

Ahhh, Ray-Ban. As a famous name in the sunglasses world, this brand has been serving us awesome sunglasses for decades. Their Round Craft sunglasses may not be the classic Ray-Ban style that we’ve all known and loved for years, but this new take on the accessory has left us all reeling. With round frames and beautiful gold stems, the only thing cooler than those is the hand-stitched leather around the rims…

5 best sunglasses models that you can find on the market

Mykita Lite Sun Hanno

Mykita are lone wolves in the sunglasses game, and they try not to stick with everyday conventions. That’s one of the reasons why we love them so much! Their Lite Sun Hanno sunglasses are unique in their style, and they certainly pack a punch. While they may look bulky, these larger-than-life sunglasses are actually made from lightweight stainless steel – and they are all handcrafted in Berlin! What more could you want?

5 best sunglasses models that you can find on the market

Sunglasses are a huge part of our lives, and not just because they keep our eyes safe from the rays. They are part of our outfit, they are part of our identity, and they are part of our personality. Because of this, you need to make sure you have the best of the best on your face at all times. These bad boys are the best.

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