5 signs your child already loves reading

Okay, we’re gonna be straight with you – we just love reading! Yep, we’re the biggest bookworms on the planet and have spent our whole lives choosing libraries over nightclubs, quaint coffee shops with little reading nooks over busy restaurants, and choosing to stay in and read on a Friday night rather than painting the town red. You know what? We’re totally okay with that. As fellow bookworms, there’s a high chance that you dream of the days when you have your own children and can sit and read with them for hours on end. But you do you know that your child will love books just as much as you? Well, here are the 5 signs that your child already loves reading…

Your child uses books to help them learn

From a young age, most parents try to surround their children with books – but it’s what they do with them that really distinguishes whether they love reading or not. If they simply flick through the pages without stopping to take in the pictures or the words on the page, it’s fair to say that they’re not there yet. However, if they use the books to help them learn, you’re onto a winner! For example, if your child is pointing at all of the pictures and asking what they are…your child is using the books to learn. Hooray!

Your child uses books to help them learn

Your child enjoys reading with you

It’s no secret that kids have a very short attention span, which can often make sitting down and reading books with them pretty difficult. While parents try to read books when it’s not bedtime, many ids will often float off and play Princesses again. Yet, there are some kids who do enjoy reading with their parents. This is not only a great place to bond as parent and child, but it’s also a great place to help your child understand the concept and the magic of reading every day. There’s nothing better than that.

Your child asks you to read a book

Although we like to think that there is nothing better than cuddling in bed with your son and daughter and reading a bedtime story together – there really is! In reality, there is nothing better than when your child brings you a book out of the blue and asks you to read it. There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you watch your toddler waddle up to you with a storybook in your hand, as it shows that their eager mind is ready to embrace a new world and the magic of reading.

Your child starts to read on their own

As much as children love to run around the whole house and are able to make friends with any other child on the planet within seconds, many kids also enjoy snuggling up in a corner and having some time to themselves. While many simply choose to watch cartoons or play with their newest doll, there are others who will spend this time reading on their own. The fact that the child has made this decision on their own back is a huge win for bookworms everywhere – as they realize they have a new recruit.

Your child starts to recognize words and letters in the real world

Although many children can stare at books and read with their parents, the sign of a true bookworm is that the letters and the words that they read are being absorbed by their young minds. One of the best ways to know this for sure is to see if your child starts to recognize words and letters in the real world. If they do, you’ve given birth to your very own bookworm!

Your child starts to recognize words and letters in the real world

Do you love reading? Does you hope your child will love reading? Well, look out for these 5 signs…

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