6 things to know before you expose your ink to the sun

When you get new ink you are likely to want to show it off to everybody at every opportunity; however it there is a lot to consider before you expose your brand new tattoo to the sun. So before you head off to your Spring break vacay in a bikini to show off your cute new tattoo, make sure you read these six things to think about first.

Beware if it’s brand new!

If your tattoo is literally just a few days old, you need to be super careful! You can’t put SPF on brand new ink before it has healed so make sure you stay under an umbrella and keep your tattoo away from sunlight while it is healing. Wear a baggy item of clothing that will allow you to stay cool in the sun without letting your unhealed tattoo be exposed to the rays or heat.

Even if your tattoo has already healed, lather up!

It is always important to wear sun protection, no matter what, but with tattoos, it is even more important. Make sure your sunscreen is at least SPF 30, if not higher, whenever you are going to be outside. This will stop it fading or being affected by the sun.

6 things to know before you expose your ink to the sun

The sun loves dark colors

Sunlight can be absorbed more by dark colors so any dark areas of your tattoo are most likely to burn. Make sure you give these bits extra attention when putting on sunscreen. The sun can cause fading on other parts of your tattoo so be aware of that, and although darker parts are less likely to fade, they are much more likely to burn and get very sore!

Limit your exposure

For your skin in general, avoiding the sun is the best thing to do, but that is just not realistic. So when you are out in the sun, make sure you keep your skin, especially if it has been inked, covered and keep applying that high SPF sunscreen regularly.

Moisturize regularly

It is so important to moisturize when you have been in the sun, and even more important to moisturize areas where you have tattoos. If your skin gets dry and starts to peel, it might take the ink with it, and you don’t want that! Use a thick non-alcohol based cream and pay extra attention to your tattooed areas.

6 things to know before you expose your ink to the sun

Care for your sunburn

In an ideal world you will avoid getting burnt, but if the worst happens, it is important to treat it as soon as possible. Stay out of the sun while your skin heals, and make sure you moisturize and drink plenty of water. Take painkillers for the pain and keep an eye on the burns. Don’t forget that the newer or darker your ink, the more easily it will burn – ouch!

The sun can permanently damage your skin and ruin your tattoos, and after all the time, money and pain they caused, it is much easier to be careful in the sun, rather than deal with the aftermath.

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