65 celebrities who served in the military

Many people would love to know more about their favorite Hollywood celebrities. There are even entire websites set up to discuss gossip and rumors about famous people. However, finding out information about them is easier said than done. Most celebrities try to keep their private lives out of the public eye and for good reason. The speculation and criticism that they often receive from fans would drive the most patient person up the wall.

But sometimes there are parts of a famous person’s past that are revealed that either make us adore them even more or completely despise them. What many movie fans do not know is that some of their favorite actors and actresses were in the military before they became stars. Most of the celebrities are men, which is to be expected as more men than women sign up to join the military. However, there are gorgeous leading ladies such as Gal Gadot, who have served their country.

The people on this list had varied military careers and many of them were in combat units and some are even decorated war heroes. Did you know that Gene Wilder, Mel Brooks and Johnny Cash were all in the United States military? Neither did we but they were all soldiers before they made it big in Hollywood! Many of these famous faces were barely adults when they enlisted in the army, however, some went off to fight in wars after they were already famous.

We have to commend those men who sacrificed their wealth and career to ship off to war and risk their lives for their country and its freedom. There have been numerous wars throughout American history and celebrities have served in almost all of them (there definitely were not movie stars during the Civil War).

Some of these celebrities give credit to their military experience for shaping their worldview and their future careers. We can only imagine how much serving in a war would change one’s perspective on life and their future. We often forget that celebrities are just like us and most of them have the same fears and hopes that we have. Knowing that these stars served in the army makes them a lot more related and honorable.

When celebrities hear about catastrophes such as the attack on September 11th, they too feel heartbroken and devastated. Adam Driver who is one of the stars of HBO’s Girls joined the army after the attacks and became a famous actor when he returned. Keep reading to discover other stars who were members of the military.
[post_page_title]Elvis Presley[/post_page_title]

Fans across America were devastated when they heard that the king of rock and roll was drafted into the military. News camera and fans showed up at the military base to send Elvis off and wave goodbye to him. The icon chose to be a part of a fighting unit and was stationed in Germany during his service. This turned out a good move for Presley who met his future wife and mother of his child while in the Army.

Elvis Presley

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