7 things in your home you should probably clean right now

We scrub and clean, but did we really get every part of our homes spick and span? It looks as though there could be some important parts of our lives that could do with a clean up without us even realizing…


We put our cell phones next to our face nearly every day, but have you thought about all the germs that are making contact with your skin? Some of us even take our cell to the bathroom, and research now shows that our phones can hold over 10x the number of bacteria than a toilet seat – eww. Don’t worry. It looks as though disinfecting our devices a few times a day as well as regularly removing the case for a deep clean could keep us germ-free.

Toothbrush holder

You may replace your toothbrush every few months – or you may not – to keep it nice and fresh and clean. However, have you thought about where you’re keeping something designed to keep your teeth clean? Yup, that holder can be a breeding place for all kinds of germs. The best way to keep it clean is to take a small bristled brush and get scrubbing with a cleaner of your choice. Perhaps there is a use for that old toothbrush after all?


It may not be your wallet that you have to worry about, but what’s inside. All that cash is carrying millions of bacteria, such as Penicillium or E. coli, just waiting to pounce when you least expect it. Make sure to check the material, so you don’t damage your wallet, then simply wipe over with a suitable cleaning product to keep yourself safe.


It may sound strange to think of cleaning something that does the cleaning for you, but what happens to all that dirt that is washed off your dishes? It may not be the inside you have to worry about either. Food can get spilled when putting the dishes in, or get wedged into the seal during the cycle. Fear not! Getting some bleach or something similar can help to keep everything disinfected. Just make sure to get into those seals to get a full clean.

Gym equipment

Taking your own mats or weights to the gym is a way to keep yourself germ-free. However, you may not be out of the woods just yet. It looks as though those mats could be a haven for germs to grow. Not to worry. All it takes is some diluted bleach or another disinfectant to get them looking brand new! Even if your mats don’t go near other people, working up a sweat could lead to the perfect place for bacteria to grow.


Turning the lights on and off is one way to quickly spread bacteria around the house without even thinking about it. After all, you may change the sheets or clean the house after you have been ill, but do you think about one of the most touched places in the home? It’s best to attack these surfaces with a microfiber cloth and cotton-tip to get into all the surfaces.

Bath toys

Products, plastics, water quality, and various bodily fluids can all add to the danger of bath toys. Kids may love their bath toys, but they could be doing more harm than good. Drying them off immediately after a bath and standing the toys upright are brilliant ways to prevent any build-ups. However, sometimes it may just be safer to invest in some new entertainment!

Have no fear; we have been living with these products for months or even years! However, now we know of the hidden parts of our lives that could do with a clean up it might be time to break out the cleaning products and get scrubbing.

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