An American icon – the life of Mary Tyler Moore


2017 has been a year that has taken a significant number of stars. No actor, singer, or activist seemed to be safe this year with some exceptional people making their way to the other side. With the end of 2016 seeing the end of some well-known faces, 2017 didn’t want to be overshadowed. With Frank Vincent, Jay Thomas, Sonny Landham, John Heard, and Sir Roger Moore just some of the incredible actors on the unfortunately long list of late-celebrities, the year wasn’t ready to leave it just there.

Actress Mary Tyler Moore, unfortunately, found herself becoming another name on the list of stars to pass away this year. Mary Tyler Moore had lived an incredible life over her 80-years and an astounding 60-year career. Finding fame in the ‘50s, she was set for an unbelievable, and often at times exceedingly unfair, journey as the young star found herself jumping from project to project. Starring alongside some of the all-time greats, Mary Tyler Moore definitely knew how to keep herself occupied with her talent! Starting in black and white, it wouldn’t be long before this bombshell took the colored screen by storm either!

Although her on-screen persona was one of high energy and joy, behind the scenes, Mary Tyler Moore had some intense and personal battles she would have to face. From untimely deaths to tragic accidents, and a crippling end for the once iconic star, life for Mary Tyler Moore proved how she could handle nearly anything put in front of her. As the world pays tribute to the actress in their very own ways, it is here we can take a look at the life of the star. What secrets were there to be found behind closed doors? And how did such a brilliant actress reach her end? Be prepared for a real rollercoaster of a ride…

[post_page_title]The early years[/post_page_title]

Mary Tyler Moore was born December 29, 1936, to parents George Tyler Moore and Marjorie Hackett in Brooklyn, New York. Moore was the first of the couple’s children, and the oldest of her siblings; John and Elizabeth. The family all relocated to Los Angeles after her uncle had recommended to the family that they make the move across the country. Moore made her way through school with ease, and ended up graduating from the ‘Immaculate Heart High School.’


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