American women who we all wish we could meet

Ahh, you got to love the United States of America. It may have its share of perkadillos, but it’s still our country, and we love it deeply. The football is fantastic, the barbeques are brilliant, the music is magnificent, and the girls are gorgeous. Brian Wilson of the iconic American rock band The Beach Boys said it best he sang in his song “California Girls” about all the different kinds of wonderful girls that live in his country. He sings about the girls up North, who “keep their boyfriends warm at night.” He also sings about Midwest girls, West coast girls, and Southern girls – constantly stating that he wishes they could all be Californian.

Wilson really seems to be onto something here, and we think you’ll certainly agree with us when you see the photos of the different girls we’ve compiled for you here. Every country has their own style and flair, and there are truly no girls like the ones from America. Whether we’re discussing celebrities that are well known by the public, or the all out stunners that live under the radar, there is a consistent theme – they’ve all got a level of swagger, flanked with a heartwarming smile. You’ll see what we mean when you see these pictures from the Instagram accounts of who we believe to be some of the most mesmerizing women in America.

[post_page_title]Julianne Hough[/post_page_title]

Whether or not you knew who Julianne Hough was before, we’re guessing you’re a lot more inclined to learn more about her after seeing this picture. An actress who’s known for appearing a number of films such as Rock of Ages and Safe Haven, she isn’t necessarily one who you might call “average,” but let’s see if you still feel that way after we tell you how she got started as an actress. Born in Orem, Utah, she actually appeared as an extra in the first Harry Potter film back in 2001, and people on set had no idea the star she would eventually become. Looking at her now, we can see that it was written in the stars from the beginning.

Julianne Hough

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