Awkward photos of A-list celebrities before they were famous

Awkward photos of A-list celebrities before they were famous

When you think of A-list celebrities, there’s a high chance that you immediately think of perfectly poised and pruned people who have it made. They’re overrun with talent, they have more money than most of us could count, and they have friends in seriously high places. However, there was once a time when these celebs weren’t famous – and these embarrassing photos are here to prove it.

[post_page_title]Will Ferrell[/post_page_title]

As one of the most famous funnymen in the acting world, Will Ferrell has not only showcased his ability to tell some serious jokes, but he’s also proved himself to be an impressive actor at the same time.

Will Ferrell

It seems as though this talent for comedy didn’t just come to him overnight, as you can see, he loved to have a laugh back in high school. While posing with his prom date, Will decided to take her crown and wear it himself – just because he could. We think he looks rather fetching.

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