Beautiful twin girls take the internet by storm

You know the saying, good things come in twos. And that is especially true when it comes to children – like twins!

Well, in California back in 2010, Jaqi Clements gave birth to two of the most adorable little twin girls that we, and the world had ever seen. It was definitely a double blessing for Jaqi and her family, especially after the birth of a beautiful, healthy, rambunctious son.

The story of these girls is simply amazing, and it is no small wonder that their story has taken the entire world by storm. People all over the planet have begun to notice these little girls, who were at first just your average, everyday children and who are now international sensations. All it took was for their mother to start an Instagram account for them, and their lives changed right before their very eyes.

From the very moment that these two darling little twin girls, Ava and Leah, were born, nearly everyone who met them was inspired and enamored with their beauty – even as newborns!

People were constantly coming up to their beamingly proud mother Jaqi and telling her every day that her two little bundles of joy should become models. Folks from far and wide said that they had literally the most perfect faces and perfect human form – as if they were sculpted out of marble by an Italian Renaissance master. These girls seemingly were born with what scientists call the “golden ratio,” meaning that their faces have the perfect amount of symmetry to make them particularly darling and captivating to look at.

However, not everything is easy when you look as good as these two, who have been dubbed the “most beautiful twins in the world.” It is crazy to think that they have been thrust into the international spotlight at a mere seven years of age! However, their mother believes in them, and believes that a combination of numerology as well as her good parenting skills have given these girls the tools they need to succeed in the modeling business at any age.

So, when Jaqi Clements was first approached by modeling agents while taking her daughters around town, she was at first a little bit apprehensive. Was infancy too young to be showing off your great genes to the world? When would be the perfect time to expose them on the international stage? Well, once Jaqi decided that the girls were old enough to make their own decision, she let them decide. And the world has been thankful ever since.

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Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements have been grabbing headlines the entire world over, mainly for headlines which say things like “beautiful twins are taking the world by storm.” A big reason that these two twins are so popular is due to the fact that they are just the cutest little girls. For some reason they are a huge hit amongst instagram users both young and old. But is there something else happening here?

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