How to prevent aging

Although often the days drag, the years go fast, and one day, we will all look in the mirror and wonder when we suddenly got so old. There is more pressure than ever to look younger, especially for certain jobs or sectors and all the lotions, potions and pills seem to deliver false promises. If you do want to feel and look younger, here are some lifestyle changes you can make.

Don’t smoke

Smoking causes dull skin and excess wrinkles around your mouth which can really age you. If you haven’t already, you should quit smoking as soon as possible. The effects aren’t reversible, but at least if you stop now, they can’t get any worse.

Drink more water

Water is your skin’s best friend. As we age, our skin loses elasticity, and plenty of H20 can help keep it plum and fresh looking. Make sure you are getting at least the recommended daily amount of 8 glasses a day, if not more!

Rethink your hairstyle

Using too much heat on your hair can leave it wispy and thin which can age you. Try to cut down on using flat irons, curling irons, and hair dryers as much as possible. Sometimes your hairstyle can make you look a lot older too, so if your hair is quite lank and long, you can take almost ten years off your face by getting it cut into a better style can help.

How to prevent aging

Make sure you wear sunscreen

One thing that will really age you is not looking after your skin in the sun. It is important to wear at least SPF 30 every day, even if it doesn’t seem very sunny. Sun damage can cause age spots as well as potential sun cancer, so slather it on!

Get active

Working out is good for your body, keeping you looking younger, but it is also great for helping you feel younger too, and that is an important part. You don’t have to be joining a boot camp class, but even something gentle such as pilates is a great way to keep fit and get that blood pumping.

Look after your hands

Hands are one of the most obvious signs of aging, so it is important to look after them. Use hand cream regularly and keep your nails looking nice. Painted nails (a classy jewel-toned color will look lovely, perhaps a rich red) will also draw the eye away from any signs of aging, as well as make you feel glamorous.

Change your face care

As you age, it is important to change and adapt your skincare routine and makeup style. Look for products aimed towards anti-aging, and try not to wear heavy foundation or powder that will settle into wrinkles as these can make them stand out more.

How to prevent aging

It’s important to remember that aging isn’t a bad thing – some people don’t get the opportunity after all. However, it is up to you how old you want to look, so with these changes, you will start looking a lot younger and feel great!