Jade rolling – is it right for you?

There are so many beauty trends in the world, it can be hard to keep up. If it isn’t the latest celebrity-endorsed product, then it’s usually something that costs a fortune. So what if we told you we could have found something that could be set to change your mind? Yup, we’re talking about jade rolling. So just what jade rolling, and is it right for you?

What is jade rolling?

Although we might not have heard of this trend before, jade rolling has, in fact, been around for hundreds of years as part of ancient Chinese medicine. It’s said the jade stone can help bring balance to your chi by drawing out any negative energy in your body. To date, the routine still involves rolling jade over your skin, but now they come as jade rollers to make it even easier than ever before. There are supposedly many health benefits to the ancient practice, but should you add jade rolling to your beauty regime?

Increase your circulation

If you find that you suffer from poor circulation, then it could be time to give jade rolling a go. Why? The practice is said to help get the blood pumping around our bodies, even after one regime. This is because the action of the jade roller massaging your skin encourages blood flow to the areas. This makes it the perfect tool to use all over your body, especially in areas that could benefit from some more circulation. Jade rolling can also leave you with a brighter appearance thanks to boosted circulation in your face. Bonus!

Reduce under eye circles

Unfortunately, having under eye circles is a problem many of us are forced to deal with in our lives. However, jade rolling could have the answer you’ve been looking for. Having better circulation will help reduce your dark circles, but it goes even further. Jade rolling can also help to cool the blood vessels around your eyes that make them look so dark in the first place. It might not be able to eradicate all darkness, but you could reduce the pigmentation after a few days of jade rolling.

Help absorb skincare products

We can often spend a fortune on the latest product that promises to save our skin. So why do we waste so much all over our pillow when it rubs off before it’s soaked in? At least our sheets are anti-aged and wrinkle-free we suppose. Jade rolling with your products can help eliminate any of these worries. This is because the using any moisturizer or serum with the roller will help push it deeper into our skin. Now, we get to enjoy less waste and should (hopefully) see more benefits from our products.

Get more youthful looking skin

Although there is no way to look young forever – yet – a jade roller could help you keep your youthful appearance for longer in various ways. The rollers helps to decrease any lines by promoting collagen which allows the skin to stay elastic. Plus, jade rollers can help tone the muscles in our face to keep everything firm, while also helping keep puffiness to a minimum by flushing out any toxins from our blood to our lymphatic system.

Is there anything jade rollers can’t do? It appears not. So when deciding whether it’s right for you, it can be hard to ignore all the incredible benefits of the practice. After all, the ancient Chinese have been doing it for centuries – surely they can’t have been going wrong all this time?