Behind blue eyes: the Instagram twins who went viral

On June 6th, 2011, the world was gifted twice over, with adorable twins Megan and Morgan Boyd. The moment they opened their eyes, their mother saw something special. And while this is a normal reaction for any parent to feel toward their newborn child, in this case, the world at large would soon take notice and make the girls stars – all before they could fully comprehend what was going on.

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the twins are now six-year-old child models. Their journey from rambunctious little girls to pint-sized models and Internet sensations is a curious one, comprised of a genetic role of the dice, a desire for fame, and the conflicting wishes of their parents – specifically over the way their budding careers are progressing, and more generally, over the price of fame and the life their girls should be leading. As is usually the case, there is no clear right or wrong, but a complex reality that may have you questioning what you would have done in their place.

Anyone who’s known both girls, can apparently attest to their love of posing and pretend modeling. Yet despite their inclination and significant popularity, their shot to fame has also raised questions regarding their well being, even from members of their own family.

Having an external feature set you apart from the crowd can be both a blessing and a burden. For a child, it can complicate what would otherwise be a simpler time, during which they would ideally develop their social skills while learning about their own personalities, talents and interests. With everyone’s attention drawn to your appearance, though, these developmental routes can get influence and even comprised. Which isn’t to say that being different is necessarily negative, only that it should be seen as part of a larger package, which would allow the child to explore himself and the world around him as more than any singular idiosyncrasy.

Looking at the girls’ pictures, it’s hard not to see the appeal: their extreme cuteness, combined with a rare physical trait, have brought them fans from around the world, and opened the door for them to try out anything they want to experience – all while focusing on their appearance. It’s a shot at success, but one that not every little girl can handle, and it therefore anything but simple to figure out what to do next. Read on to see what Megan and Morgan’s parents have come to decide, and how the twins are living their lives at present.

[post_page_title]Megan and Morgan[/post_page_title]

We would like to introduce you to two young girls, by the names of Megan and Morgan. They are twins from Philadelphia, they are six years old, and they are by no means your typical girls. Well sure, they have dreams of being princesses one day, and they like touching electronics when they’re not supposed to, but there is something that sets these two young girls apart. They are aspiring models, and they have recently become Instagram sensations.

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