These not-so-glamorous red carpet facts show what goes on behind the scenes

[post_page_title]Don’t sweat it[/post_page_title]

We all know this problem. You go outside on a humid day, and you’re constantly worrying about having visible sweat stains on your clothing. It can be really embarrassing, but if something like that happens on the red carpet – it’s much, much worse.

This is why some celebrities are reportedly injecting Botox into their armpits – we kid you not – in order to prevent that underarm sweat. Botox is said to temporarily paralyzes the muscles and thus prevent a red carpet embarrassment, even when wearing long sleeved dresses.

[post_page_title]Covering up[/post_page_title]

Another common problem for female celebrities, is when they’re wearing a dress that doesn’t permit undergarments to stay hidden – like a backless or deep cut dress. In that case, there are usually covers they can use to keep anything from “poking out,” but when the dress’ fabric is extremely thin, it would be visible.

So what do celebrity stylists do in that case? They reportedly use two pieces of scotch tape to form an X-shape over those bull’s eyes to cover them up, while still remaining invisible under the fabric.

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