The benefit of self help books, life coaches and cutting yourself some slack

We, the millennial generation, is under more stress than all previous generations. As a millennial I can attest to this madness. The digital world is growing at a rapid rate, the workload we are expected to undertake only grows alongside with it and we are constantly connected to everything and everyone, exposed to endless stimuli. Phew. I got tired just thinking about it.

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There is only so much we are able to contain before we begin to crack. Stress levels elevate, sleep hours lessen, love lives take a hit and friendships suffer. I am obviously stating all of the negative things right now – there are plenty of positive aspects to the digital world, and the time we are currently in (the world is much smaller and more connected, we are more aware of events that need our attention, if we need help we have a larger audience to ask for advice).

This aspect of seeking help is what I want to bring up. With this ever-changing world we live in, that brings with it all of the mind-spinning advances, we have a tendency to get lost. Lost in our own minds and problems, digging ourselves deeper holes for us to try and climb out of later. I am here to suggest an alternative to feeling lost, unsatisfied and stressed – pick up a self-help book, seek out a life coach, and generally take a second to sit down, take a deep breath and just chill for a bit.

I found myself lost in the middle of college, blaming myself for things that had nothing to do with me and thinking like the world was out to get me. When I found myself a life coach, my world began to change. First and foremost, a life coach is all about positivity and responsibility. You are responsible for your own happiness and with your negative attitude you are not going to accomplish a thing. What the life coach will also help you realize, is when you are taking the responsibility for something that has nothing to do with you.

A self-help book is the cheaper version of a life coach (and one that I find to be immensely satisfying as well). Google ‘self-help books’ and you will find an endless array of books that are designed to help you better your mind and thought process and change the way you view the world and as a result, your life. What both the books and the life coach will tell you is to cut yourself some slack.

You cannot control everything that happens in your life and knowing that is half the battle. I myself am a control freak, which means I find this whole notion a lot harder than I should. However, seeing a life coach and reading self-help books, changed my outlook on life, which was something I sorely needed to have happen. The subject of both of these methods is still rather taboo for some reason, as if there is something to be ashamed of. I say, if you are against this, you should take a long hard look at yourself and see what is wrong in your life.

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A life coach can be found through local searches under the job title and the city where you live. In terms of self-help books, I recommend Jen Sincero’s book You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. You would be amazed at how much you can transform your life with just a little kick in the right direction. This isn’t the style of The Secret, where you essentially sit there and wish for something and it is supposed to appear. This book is about how to change your thinking to be on a more positive frequency and thus becoming a more in tune individual who WANTS to go out there and make the best of his or her life.

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