The benefits of drinking water after waking up

Waking up can be the best time to grab a glass, but why? You may soon start finding yourself heading straight for the tap now in the mornings after hearing the tremendous benefits!

Avoid dehydration

While getting plenty of beauty rest your body is repairing and recovering from the previous day – but it’s not getting enough water while you’re snoozing away! Grabbing a glass when you wake up makes sure that the body has plenty of water to kick-start the waking up progress and get everything up and running! It also helps to keep the brain hydrated so waking up should become more natural and thought processes (hopefully) should be quicker too.

The benefits of drinking water after waking up

Gets rid of the bad stuff

The body gets to work breaking down food overnight and often leaves the stomach reasonably empty in the morning. All that acid can cause heartburn and indigestion as well as having all these toxins sitting in wait in your digestive system. Drinking water flushes the dangerous toxins out of your system quickly to help you feel fresh and ready to go, as well as diluting the stomach acid to prevent any painful side effects – bonus!

Kickstart metabolism

Drinking water (especially cold water) will help give your metabolism a boost in the morning to get your body working hard without even trying. On an empty stomach, water can help keep the increase for up to an hour and a half – wowza! Water also helps your body to digest food better by purifying your digestive system and allowing your body to absorb all the helpful nutrients more efficiently.

Quicker metabolism = weight loss

A quick nudge to the metabolism will also help you lose weight easier without having to do any hard work. However, it’s not only water assisting the metabolism that will see the pounds begin to melt away. After drinking water when waking up, your body will naturally feel fuller! A lot of the time we confuse hunger with thirst, but by drinking enough, it ensures that you don’t accidentally overeat or feel ‘hungry’ when you’re, in fact, thirsty!

The benefits of drinking water after waking up

Keeping up appearances

Plenty of water not only has internal benefits, but it can also change your exterior appearance too! Not getting enough water is a leading cause of having noticeable pores in the skin and getting wrinkles prematurely. Not good! But can drinking water really help? Yes, it can! Water helps to promote a healthy flow of blood to the skin and therefore gets everything to the largest organ with ease! Water also makes sure that your hair is naturally kept healthy (did you know that nearly 25% of a strand of hair is water?) as it helps to thicken and strengthen your flowing locks. Drinking water in the morning means that it is the only thing in the stomach and can quickly be sent off to do its jobs efficiently.

Is there anything water cannot do? It doesn’t appear so! There are so many benefits to the element that covers more than 70% of the planet’s surface, and the benefits come flooding in when it’s drunk in the morning! Grabbing a glass or bottle of the cold stuff can have so many incredible benefits, and with no downsides is there any excuse to avoid it anymore?

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