The benefits of Yin Yoga

You’ve heard of yoga, and you’ve already been told how greatly beneficial it can be to your health and well-being, but have you ever heard of yin yoga?

Well, the nature of yin yoga has been developed and curated over a number of years, and it is based around the concept of yin and yang. While yang yoga focuses on targeting superficial muscles (those in which are visible), yin yoga tends to be a much more intense workout, focussing on the deeper muscles surrounding connective tissues.

The benefits of Yin Yoga

To reach these deeper spots inside the body, yin yoga consists of holding specific poses for five minutes or more, mostly targeting the lower parts of your body including the hip, thighs and lower spine where there is lots of connective tissue.

If you fancy getting into this form of yoga, here is a list of benefits. It’s seriously great for you!

It increases your flexibility

Keeping muscle-binding connective tissue healthy is essential for having increased flexibility. The more mild stress you put on your joints, the more you will increase the motion of your mobility. As you hold the pose, you will feel the tissue being stretched and hydrated, and you’ll be using muscles that you may not have used for a long time. The longer you hold the pose, the deeper the muscles you work, and the more flexible you’ll become.

It forces us to slow down

With the pose being held for a long period of time, you will learn to relax into your stillness. The more you practice, the more you will find the meditating aspect of yoga easier and more beneficial. You will learn how to become and stay present in the moment, naturally eradicating your daily stresses and anxieties, teaching you how to seriously slow down and contemplate.

It helps us tap into the parasympathetic nervous system

Activating the parasympathetic nervous system is thought to be a major player in bettering your health. To activate this system, correct breathing is essential – diaphragmatic or ‘belly breathing’. As you practice the yin poses, focus on your breathing, ensuring that you breathe deep from within the abdomen. By breathing slower and deeper, you’ll begin to tap into the parasympathetic relaxation mode, allowing your internal organs to function to their best ability.

The benefits of Yin Yoga

It gives us time to sit with our emotions

The psychological benefits of yoga are next to none. Practicing yin allows us to revisit the emotions, feelings and sensitive thoughts that we may reside deep inside of us. You’ll feel restored, and it will teach you how to control your emotions, becoming a much more gentle, calm and composed person.

It teaches us gratitude for our body

Yin yoga opens up our minds to the body we live in. It creates a connection for us to understand and sense the physiological functions of the body, tuning into our inner workings and the sensations in our muscles. Greater awareness of our physical body can be hugely beneficial in understanding our psychological being too.

It is often said that a good yin yoga practice feels like a good massage. Your body and its muscles will feel relaxed, stretched and de-stressed. Holding your yoga pose for a longer period will over time gently lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Revitalizing these muscles deep inside your body is essential for feeling as though you have a spring in your step, no matter your age.

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