The best feminist books

It’s 2020 and the narrative around feminism is changing. In this brave new world, discussion about the fall of patriarchy is as American as apple pie. This is a fairly new shift in the American paradigm, and that’s why many people were caught off guard. However, just because you are not well-versed in a topic does not mean that you should not, and can not bone up on the subject. There is plenty of literature in the world that revolves around feminism, and spending your time getting familiar with it can thoroughly enrich your life. So instead of rebelling against a concept you may not fully understand, take a trip down to your local library and check out one of these books all about the topic.

Feminism Is for Everybody

The author of this book, bell hooks, is a feminist icon with a unique perspective that pushes the envelope of feminism and intersectionality as far as it can possibly go. More so than a deep study of the feminist movement, this piece of literature is a primer for those wanting to begin immersing themselves in feminist ideology. Bell hooks is a no-nonsense writer who pulls no punches when it comes to her convictions, and starting your exploration into feminist literature with her work is a decision that you will not regret. Taking on a pseudonym that pays homage to her late grandmother, hooks uses her unparalleled voice to amplify a message of equity and equality.

The best feminist books


The Handmaid’s Tale

While many are already aware of the wildly successful Hulu spin-off TV show of this popular novel, The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is still a very popular and very important piece of feminist literature. Taking place in a dystopian future where the U.S. government is replaced by a repressive theocratic regime, the story takes a look at the dangers of over-regulating women’s reproductive rights. While this may not hit all the same notes as scholarly work, it is still important to explore the ideas and themes behind a piece of fiction such as this – which tells a made-up story that is seemingly becoming real in the opinions of millions of women around the United States.


Sister Outsider

Audre Lorde was quite careful to make sure she was a loud and boisterous voice for those who are not often heard enough. She used her book Sister Outsider to tell her own personal stories that touch on issues that affect women who are most marginalized by contemporary literature. Lorde uses her platform to espouse a sort of power to the marginalized that is not seen too often in Western writing. Sister Outsider is an incredibly important piece of feminist literature that is an absolutely terrific starting point for anyone looking to dive into the diverse world of intersectionality. It comes from a place which Lorde feels she is constantly living in – as both a strong black woman, but also a consummate outsider. Her unique musings on her feelings and thoughts are what make her 1984 work one of the best examples of feminist literature of all time.

The Source of Self-Regard: Selected Essays, Speeches, and Meditations

If you are going to dive into the world of feminist literature having the best guide possible is probably a good idea, and what better guide could there be than a legitimate Nobel laureate? Toni Morrison has dedicated her entire career to using her platform to project her voice and her radical ideas. Morrison is looked at as a hero to women and those who are marginalized in the world for her incredible ideas and her stellar writing. The Source of Self-Regard is Morrison’s newest work, but regardless of where you begin investigating this incredible woman’s catalog, you are going to encounter some true gems of feminist wisdom.

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