The best historical movies that are also (almost) completely accurate

Movies are art, and art represents reality. But before you spout unrealistic nonsense straight from the movies, you should first check the credibility of these artistic moving pictures. Though here’s the good news: we already did the research for you. Here are 40 of the most historically accurate movies.

[post_page_title]Spotlight (2015)[/post_page_title]

When the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston was exposed for committing heinous crimes in 2002, it was big news. Names were told. Stories were shown. And everything was done to bring as many people involved as possible into the Scales of Justice. But for those who didn’t know about it, Spotlight is a good movie to watch. The level of detail done on it was to the point that you could almost call it a documentary. Well, almost. To be fair, some minor changes made for dramatic appeal.

Spotlight (2015)

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