The best nail polish colors out there

Where do you start when it comes to looking ready to rock for the week? Sure, we have a ton of clothes waiting in the wardrobe, but it can be easy to fall back to our old favorites. Sometimes, our outfits need a little updating. Look no further; nail polish could be the answer. If you’re stuck at wear to look then don’t worry – these are the best nail polish colors out there that will leave you looking straight off the red carpet any day of the week.

Ruby Red

Let’s face it; there is something that catches many of our eyes as soon as we see someone in red. The color is supposed to represent passion, and can also be the statement we have been looking for. It takes a brave person to pull off the look, but it can do wonders for any outfit. The best bit? Ruby red matches just about any skin tone and outfit possible making it the perfect choice for a long-lasting nail polish color.

The best nail polish colors out there

Black and white

If you want to have painted nails but don’t want the worry of having to match the color to your outfit then why not keep things simple with a monochrome palette instead? Black and white are two tried and tested colors that have stood the test of time – and for a good reason. They’re versatile, sophisticated, and can be worn at any time of the year.

In the nude

How is anyone supposed to choose a nail polish color that will match every outfit of the week? By choosing a nude color, of course. This subtle polish will add the finishing touch to any outfit without adding in another color scheme to work with. Plus, it can be the perfect option for anyone that lacks time to touch up their nails throughout the week. The subtlety means people are much less likely to notice any small chips than with a bolder color.

Pearl blue

There are so many nail polishes on the market that can transform our nails into just about any color we can imagine. Always wanted to know what it’s like to be a mermaid? Now you can! Almost. Mermaids are a huge trend, and pearl blues offer up light-catching shimmer that might look blue at first glance, but will soon illuminate up your outfit as soon as the light hits your nails. It’s the perfect choice for anyone wanting to inject a splash of fantasy into their everyday look.

The best nail polish colors out there

Pastel green

This might seem like a bold choice, but hear us out. Pastel green is brilliant for any time of the year thanks to its versatility. Want to look fresh and ready for the warmth of summer? Choose pastel green. Need a way to inject some life into the colder days of winter? Pastel green is your winner. As if that wasn’t enough, the nail polish is enough of a fashion statement without going too overboard with your boldness. Nice.

It seems as though there is a nail polish out there for all occasions, and now, the best nail polish colors have us covered for every week at the office. All it takes is a new color choice each week, and you could soon take your outfit to the next level.

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