The biggest nail art fails and success stories

Getting your nails done at the nail salon can be the best way to treat yourself, however, this indulgence can add up if it becomes part of your routine. But the salon is just oh so amazing. You get a mini massage at the end, your nails are always sparkling, and you come out feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week with your new and swanky nails. However, your pocket can take a beating if the trip to the nail salon becomes too much of a habit. That is why so many people are trying to do these nail salon-worthy nails at home. They are going to the store and stocking up on nail polish because it doesn’t take a doctorate degree to be good at doing your own nails. Or does it?

People have been trying to master the do it yourself (DIY) projects at home for decades. We can’t all afford the decadent pleasures of life, at least not year round. That is exactly why these nail attempts done at home have to lead to some epic fails. It is not as easy as it looks to decorate your nails exactly like the professionals do. Especially not the first time. These hilarious fails are almost too good to be true. And they make for an excellent advertisement for nail salons everywhere too. Becuase some nail art should be left to the professionals. However, we have also collected the easy, quick and cute nail art that should be easily done at home. And that’s what makes this epic fails all the more hilarious. Becuase the picture of the basic red nail polish has never gone so wrong. We have collected the hardest nail art to pull off including paintings by famous painters like Van Gough and extremely detailed looks that should not be attempted at home. We even have the simple looks that anyone could do with a little nail polish and a bit of patience. And yet all of these have gone horribly wrong and you have just got to see the outcome.

Side by side the photos of the perfect, ideal, dream nail next to the copycat fail to make you feel a lot better about your nail polish skills. And it will give you a good laugh along the way. Some of these nails should have been done easily, yet it looks like they poured the entire bottle of nail polish onto their hands. And that’s just the beginning. Check out these epic fails and how they should have looked.

[post_page_title]Eyeballs or bubbles?[/post_page_title]

Bubble art is a new trend in the nail art world. While it may not be the most conducive for the winter season when wearing gloves or just even doing the dishes, it sure is fun and looks cute. However, this fail on the right seems to have put all the effort into making the bubbles and forgot to paint them over. Looking like some sort of nail growth disease. Please, paint those bubbles quickly!

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