Secrets behind the scenes of Blazing Saddles

When you think of classic Western movies, you probably immediately think of wide-brimmed Stetson hats, colorful bandanas, burly stallions, and cowboy boots – they all kinda run together at some point. It can actually be hard distinguishing one Western from the other. Thankfully, there’s one Western that stands out from the crowd, and then points and laughs at it.

[post_page_title]Real life inspiration[/post_page_title]

Like many filmmakers, Mel Brooks has taken many of his own experiences and turned them into movie form. In fact, his childhood moments largely inspired the character of Sheriff Bart – particularly the scene where he tries to run away from his townspeople, who have captured him and held him hostage.

Real life inspiration

To get Bart out of this predicament, Brooks called upon one of his childhood memories, when he tried to steal some gum and a water pistol from a local convenience store. Although he didn’t make it out of the door, the clerk let him go when the young Brooks turned the water pistol on himself. That’s exactly what Bart does in the movie…

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