The cast of Caroline in the City in real life

During the late ’90s, tons of sitcoms about the dating lives of young people were popping up everywhere. Everyone was hoping that Corey and Topanga would end up together on Boy Meets World and everyone knew that Ross thought that he and Rachel were on a break. Another sitcom that was popular at the time was Caroline in the City.

The show was about a woman named Caroline Duffy who works as a cartoonist in Manhattan. Like the characters on Friends, Caroline spent a lot of time dating and hanging out with her close friends. The show had quite the artistic flair as every episode began with an animated sequence in the style of Caroline’s cartoon.

Caroline and her cartoon character (also called Caroline) often mirrored each other’s lives and the two are compared with each other in several episodes. Caroline has many romantic interests that evolve throughout the seasons, however, in the first season, she is in a complicated friendship with her former boyfriend Del, played by Eric Lutes.

Del is divorced and is known for having commitment issues and he and is the manager of Caroline’s comic strip. While she is in a relationship with Del, Caroline also has to sort out her feelings for a colorist who works on her cartoons, Richard, who for his part is afraid to reveal to Caroline that over the course of their working together, he has fallen deeply in love with her.

The show is both humorous and insightful as it deals with the life of a driven woman in an oftentimes tough world. The show has a hilarious cast of characters that also includes Caroline’s best Annie, a dancer who is forever trapped performing in the long-running Broadway musical, Cats.

Annie too deals with a string of unsuccessful relationships and a frustrating dating life. The show mirrors the struggle that many women faced at the time, as they navigated urban living with their careers, love life and friend circles who acted as familial family units. It is similar to others shows that were popular in the 1990s, and even got a crossover episode on the iconic 90s show Friends.

As it has been more than two decades since the final episode aired, we thought we would take a look back at the cast of Caroline in the City and see what they are up to today. You may be surprised to find out what the actors are doing now.

[post_page_title]Tom La Grua as Remo[/post_page_title]

Though the character of Remo plays a relatively small part on the show, however, he does make frequent appearances. Remo’s role is similar to that of Gunther’s on Friends, as he is the owner of the Italian restaurant the gang often eats at. While Remo does not have many lines, when he does they are usually hilarious. When Richard tells Charlie, a delivery boy who befriends the gang, to ask out his girlfriend so he does not have to break up with her, Charlie asks the wrong girl out on a date and takes her to the Italian restaurant where Remo calls Richard a fool.

Tom La Grua as Remo

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