The cast of Doctor Who: where are they now?

Initially airing in 1963, this hit sci-fi has taken the world by storm ever since. The show was created by Sydney Newman, known for producing The Avengers, C.E. Webber, and Donald Wilson, who is known for The Forsyte Saga. The show was canceled in 1989 when the director of the BBC believed it was losing its way so thought the best thing would be to scrap it altogether. However, 16 years later in 2005, the show was picked back up to become one of the most watched science fictions shows around the world. While the creators knew they had made something special, no one could’ve guessed just what the show would grow into – unless you could jump in a TARDIS and head to the future. Doctor Who follows the time-traveling adventures of The Doctor and his ever-changing companion as they travel through the universe on the TARDIS, a spaceship that conceals itself as a British police box. With sonic screwdriver in hand, it seems as though the pair can take on anything that stands in their way, extraterrestrial or not.

On their adventures, The Doctor is usually faced with a number of foes, including the Daleks, Cybermen, Zygons, Weeping Angels, Oods, as well as many other nightmare-inducing alien species. It is then The Doctor’s job to save the entire universe from being overthrown or destroyed, or keeping the timeline as it should be. However, The Doctor holds an extraordinary power: the power of regeneration. To date, there have been twelve different incarnations of The Doctor, but if anything happens to the current form then undergoing a change is inevitable.

As there have been so many combinations of Doctors and companions over the last five decades, there have been a huge number of characters. The show is known for creating incredible twists and turns throughout space and time, but what do these universe saving individuals do when they’re at home? Are the companions ever able to find their true loves? And are The Doctors able to put down the sonic screwdrivers, or are they too invested in saving the galaxy to carry on? With so many secrets behind the show, such as how they have been able to create the iconic looks of each and every Doctor to how they have created one of the largest franchises, it is inevitable that the actors behind the show have plenty of secrets to hide themselves.

[post_page_title]Alex Kingston as River Song[/post_page_title]

This professor has made various appearances to the show over the years. River Song was, in fact, named Melody Pond when she was born aboard the TARDIS to her parents Rory Williams and Amy Pond. River was a unique individual as she had both time lord and human DNA which gave her the entire knowledge of space and time along with the power of regeneration. She was head over heels in love with The Doctor, but her passion cost her dear as River sacrificed her power of regeneration to save her lover.

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