Celebrities who are self-proclaimed neat freaks

Celebrities who are self-proclaimed neat freaks

Although most celebrities can probably afford their own housekeepers, these stars are so particular about cleaning and organizing that they actually prefer to just do it themselves. Here are the biggest obsessive neat freaks in Hollywood…

[post_page_title]Katy Perry[/post_page_title]

During an interview with E! Online, Katy Perry revealed just how seriously she takes organization. Not only does she like to organize many of her belongings into alphabetical order, she also claims to be a bit OCD, especially when she is on tour.

Katy Perry

The pop star went into detail about her germaphobic habits. “If there’s broken make-up in my purse I freak out. Also if I am around household pets and some of their fur comes off on my cardigan, then I can get pretty sharp.”

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