Which celebrity lifestyle brand is the best?

Nowadays, it seems as though celebrities have their fingers in many different pies. They are not only actors or singers, but they are also social media superstars and lifestyle gurus. Yes, our favorite celebrities are slowly but surely transforming themselves into the new Martha Stewarts of the world – and it’s fair to say that they’re doing a pretty darn good job of it. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which one is the best?


Goop is a lifestyle brand owned and operated by the one and only Gwyneth Paltrow. Goop first came into our lives in 2008, and it has since been dubbed as a “modern lifestyle brand” for the modern woman. With blogs and articles around beauty, food, style, travel, wellness, and worth, this lifestyle brand really does cover every base. You can find all of your answers on here.

Which celebrity lifestyle brand is the best?


Jessica Alba seems to be taking over the world because she’s not just content with being a successful Hollywood actress. No, she has also used her platform to bring Honesty into our lives – and we kinda love it. This lifestyle brand largely focuses on living a healthy and happy life, and talks about everything from food, to design and style, to wellness, and a whole lot more.

The Kind Life

The Kind Life came into our lives because Alicia Silverstone knew that it was what the world needed. After the success of her book, The Kind Diet, she realized that her fans wanted more. Now, The Kind Life offers fans the chance to read about everything from animals, to vitamins, to cooking and beyond. It’s all about being kind to yourself and to the world around you. Are you ready to be kind?

Which celebrity lifestyle brand is the best?

The Lodown

As the brainchild of The Hills’ Lo Bosworth, The Lodown. This lifestyle brand came into the world after Lo suffered a health scare and realized that she needed to make some real changes in her life. She couldn’t keep coasting, and she had to start living her life differently. Now, she wants to inspire others around the world to love wellness and to focus on self-care. As if that wasn’t enough, she also teaches you how to take the world by storm with your confidence, and how to cook a healthy meal.

Draper James

Draper James it the creation of the one and only Reese Witherspoon, and it’s fair to say that it’s been pretty successful so far. Within this lifestyle brand and blog, Reese and her team give fans and lifestyle lovers the chance to keep up with the latest trends and have some major inspo for every aspect of their lives. From clothing to homeware, to recipes and more, this lifestyle blog has everything you could possibly need.

We all need a good lifestyle brand in our lives, but which celebrity one is the best? Well, we’ll leave that down to you, because we just can’t make this decision. It’s such a close call, and we don’t think we can pick!

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