5 Celebrities who love “regular people’s” brands

Ahhhh, the life of a celebrity. They must be surrounded by some of the most expensive makeup products and drowning in designer clothing, right? Well, not quite. Although there are some celebs who won’t leave the house unless they’re wearing the latest Gucci slippers, there are many other celebrities who prove that it’s not all about how many Benjamins you have in the bank. They often buy their clothes from regular brands that we all shop in – which means we’re basically celebrities.

Kate Middleton

Considering she’s a Duchess, it might surprise you to learn that Kate Middleton isn’t all about that designer. Although she dresses in fancy ballgowns and expensive (yet modest) clothing while doing her royal duties, she likes to dress down when she’s with her kids. During one particular outing, Kate was spotted playing the park with little Prince George – and fans were pretty shocked to see her rock a pair of $70 Topshop jeans!


Queen Bey is one of the most stylish women in show business, and it’s fair to say that we would all look like her if we could. As well as being the ultimate songstress, Beyonce has created her very own fashion line that was, until recently, stocked in Topshop. Because of this, she would regularly leave her mega-mansion wearing items from the high street store. Yes, that means you really can dress like the Bey. It’s all about Queen Bey!

Kendall Jenner

Although her family may have risen to fame thanks to their epic reality television show, it’s fair to say that Kendall Jenner has also made a name for herself all on her own. She’s now one of the biggest supermodels in the business, and she’s constantly being dressed in the latest designer gear for her photo shoots or runway shows. However, when she’s not posing for the camera, Kendall has been known to shop at Forever 21.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez will always be Jenny from the Block, but it’s fair to say that her style has changed over the years. She transforms from casual chic to ready carpet ready in a matter of hours, but it’s her casual style that has us all gawping. That’s because sometimes she rocks attire that can be found in department stores across the country. While vacationing in France, she donned a $38 shirt from Z Supply.

Gigi Hadid

It seems as though best friends think alike because Kendall Jenner’s bestie also loves to save money when she shops. Although this lady has more than enough money to stock about ten closets worth of designer clothes, Gigi sometimes likes to keep it simple with some of the coolest clothes in existence – that we can all buy ourselves. During one outing, Gigi was spotted wearing a grey knit dress that can be found at Cotton On for just $25! Yes, you read that right.

It’s a common misconception that celebrities always buy the most expensive products because that’s not always true. They also love to buy from “regular people’s” brands.