Gossip Girl’s most iconic style moments

Yep, we love nothing more than keeping up with the big names on the Upper East Side of New York City and the epic outfits our favorite characters wear. While we wish we could say everything Blair Waldorf, Serena Van Der Woodsen, Jenny Humphrey and Chuck Bass ever wore was legendary, we’ve whittled it down and put together Gossip Girl’s most iconic style moments.

Serena’s school uniform

Although we may now be too old to go to school, we would literally do anything to spend a day at Constance Billard. That’s not because we want to hang out with the teachers or actually learn Latin, but because we want to rock a uniform as cool as Serena Van Der Woodsen. Yep, we have no idea how the saucy Serena actually got away with wearing miniskirts, floating shirts, knee-high boots and about 150 pieces of jewelry per day- but she totally did, and we thank her every day for it. Absolutely iconic.

Gossip Girl’s most iconic style moments

Blair’s wedding dress

Anyone else screams the house down when they realized that Blair and Chuck were FINALLY getting married and devoting their perfect lives to each other? Yuh-huh, us too. Although they may have been on the run from the police and had to get married in a park, everything about their marriage was totally Chuck-and-Blair, including Blair’s incredible wedding dress. This bejeweled gown was totally different to the wedding dress she wore for her marriage to Prince Louis, and it seems as though this gorgeous gown was a lucky charm.

Chuck’s early school uniform

The Chuck we know and love today wouldn’t be seen without a perfectly tailored suit, complete with pocket square and matching cravat, and that’s exactly how we like him. However, it’s fair to say that he went through complete style overhaul during his school years. After wearing brightly colored shirts with knitted vests and cravats, he still looked stylish, but he also had that bad boy edge we really love about him. You know you can’t resist a bit of Charles Bass.

Serena’s bridesmaid dress

When Bart and Lily got married, we couldn’t help but shed a tear for the fallen soldier – Rufus Humphrey. However, we got over this sadness pretty quickly when we realized that Serena was wearing an iconic dress that would go down in Gossip Girl history. While many believe this dress looked a little bit like a pineapple with the yellow ruffles and high neck, the black gloves, and the black belt, we kinda loved it. Although we would love to wear something like that ourselves, it’s fair to say that only Serena would wear that kind of dress…

Gossip Girl’s most iconic style moments

Blair and Chuck in Paris

Okay, Blair and Chuck meeting at a Parisian train station is perhaps one of the most iconic episodes of all time. There’s Chuck in his Henry Prince get-up (complete with walking stick), and then there’s Blair in one of the most beautiful red dresses we have ever seen. Yep, there are the ruffles galore, and Blair looked as gorgeous as ever. The pair are so different, but you can still see the fire burning between them. Gosh, we wished they would have just kissed and made up at that point.

Gossip Girl sparked the fashionista inside of us, and we still haven’t forgotten some of the most iconic style moments throughout all of the seasons. In fact, we became totally obsessed (and we’re more than okay with it!)