Why you should host an Oscar-themed party

There’s a high chance that you don’t need an excuse to get your party hats on, but it’s always exciting to add a theme into the mix. There are costume parties, Great Gatsby themed parties, Alice in Wonderland themed parties, masquerade parties and more. However, there’s one party that stands above the rest. Yes, you should definitely add an Oscar-themed party to your to-do list, because why wouldn’t you want to party like a celeb? If you need any more convincing, this is why you should host an Oscar-themed party…

You get to dress up in your best party dresses

When it comes to the Oscars, appearances are important. With millions of people around the globe watching these celebs walk the red carpet, all eyes are on what they’re wearing, who they’re wearing, and how they are wearing it. It’s not the kind of event you can turn up in jeans and a tee to, because this event requires black tie and ball gowns. Thanks to this, you get the chance to dress up in your own best party dresses if you host an Oscar-themed party. What could be better than that?

You get to embrace your decorating skills

No Oscar-themed party would be complete with a few decorations. You have to set the scene, you have to transport your guests to the awards ceremony, and you have to make them feel as though they are celebrities. So, hosting an Oscar-themed party allows you to get your decorating skills out of the craft cupboard and into the limelight. Cut up some red fabric to create the red carpet, hang drapes from the ceiling to create a stage, light up the room with string lights, and go to town on the party favors. The Oscar world is your oyster.

Create the perfect menu

Although you might not see it on your television screens, those who do attend the Oscar awards do get fed. In fact, the famous Wolfgang Puck has created the menu for this prestigious awards ceremony every year for the past two decades, and he doesn’t scrimp on taste. He creates an impressive menu that tantalizes their taste buds and gets them in the mood for celebrating. This is exactly what you can do, too. Although you might not be as talented as Wolfgang, you can still get crafty with your dishes. Serve popcorn in little movie boxes, create adorable little appetizers and pass them around on giant plates, create fancy dips, or just shape everything into stars if you want people to ignore the fact that you’re not the best cook…

You get to give our awards

No awards ceremony would be complete without the awards, and an Oscar-themed awards ceremony is the perfect chance for you to show your friends and family what you love about them. You may present them with the “Best Dressed” award, the “Worst Joke” award, or anything else of your choosing. You’re the host, so you decide.

Fancy planning a party? Ditch the costumes, because it’s all about Oscar-themed parties right now.