Kids from your favorite commercials all grown up

We never forget the commercials we saw when we were kids. The ones with catchy tunes, cheesy slogans, second-rate graphics… they are not easy to forget. Years later, we can still sing the jingles, and suddenly we can remember how fun it was to play with that weird toy that appeared in the commercial, or taste the chocolate spread we saw smiling kids put on bread on tv. And, of course, we can still remember the kids in the commercials, clear as day.

They were always smiling and laughing, even as they played the silliest games, or ate the sweetest-looking foods. It’s a wonder they didn’t all lose their teeth from all the junk food, or get diabetes. So what did happen to the kids from your favorite commercials? Most of those kids hoped to continue to prosperous acting careers. Some have done that, and gone on to have huge careers, others not so much…

[post_page_title]Mila Kunis – Lisa Frank[/post_page_title]

Two years before Mila Kunis landed her breakout role on That ’70s Show, Jackie… oh, we mean, Mila… managed to bag herself a commercial for Lisa Frank. In 1993, Kunis played the (extremely excited) Lisa Frank fan. Yeah, she’s kind of obsessed. After this role, Mila went from strength to strength and is now a household name in the world of acting. She’s recently starred in Bad Moms, Ted, and Friends With Benefits. She’s also married to Ashton Kutcher – which is very exciting for That ’70s Show fans…

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