Classic films based on true stories that got certain facts wrong

Classic films based on true stories that got certain facts wrong

There are many kinds of films out there, and the ones you decide to watch really depend on what your interests are. Some people have an affinity for raunchy comedies, and some really like science fiction. The list goes on and on, but there is one genre that has always held a special places in the hearts of many – the historical kind.

What’s not to love about historical films? They aim to tell us a true story of the past, while simultaneously entertaining us visually and audibly with the bells and whistles of Hollywood. But alas, there have been many historical films that took a lot of liberties with their script – and people weren’t too pleased.

Perhaps the craziest thing is that some of these movies became known as classics, even though they weren’t necessarily 100% accurate. It all comes down to how they presented the film. If the producers told the world that their movie is “historical fiction,” then they have free reign to make whatever choice they want. But if they wish to pass their film off as representing true events, then they’ll have a number of historians to answer to. And as you’ll soon see, sometimes critics get feisty when it comes to the cold, hard facts.


Although this movie won the Oscar for Best Picture, historians refused to help with the script during production because there were so many historical inaccuracies. Apparently, Commodus was not at all the petty tyrant he was in the movie – and he certainly didn’t kill his father, Marcus Aurelius – he actually died of chickenpox.


Commodus was a respected ruler who was eventually killed in a bathtub by a wrestler – and not in the ring while fighting good old Maximus.

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