What do the colors you wear communicate about you?

There are many different colors to choose from when picking out what to wear from day to day, but did you know that what you wear can tell others what kind of person you are? According to experts, colors have subconscious meanings that show other people who you really are, so let’s explore what your favorite colors say about you!

Loyal, confident blue.


Blue is the best way to communicate intelligence, loyalty, and confidence. It tells others that you are peaceful and calm. Blue outfits are great for job interviews and important meetings because they help people feel comfortable while still in control. Blue is very popular on its own but when combined with soft pinks and reds, you can create an ensemble that’s hard to beat.

Passionate, powerful red.

If you’re aiming to stand out in a crowd – red is the way to go! It’s exciting, eye-catching, and shows people that you mean business. Most people associate red with energy, strength, and romance. If you love to wear red you are most probably strong-willed and energetic. Red is great for any time you want the spotlight on you and goes with almost anything from jeans to leopard print.

What do the colors you wear communicate about you?

Cheerful, happy yellow.

Intellect, joy, and a positive mood are some of the many things people think of when they see you in yellow. Although not everyone is a fan of yellow it is undeniable that it is a color that will put a smile on your face. Wearing yellow has been shown to improve your energy and productivity of you and those you work with.

Serene, healing green.

Green is one of those colors that everybody loves! It’s easy on the mind and has a soothing comforting effect on people. It can show that you have a caring heart and are close to nature. It’s calming and looks great with anything yellow. Black and gold accessories also go great with green.

Charming, sophisticated purple.

Most people think of royalty when they think of purple but in the modern-day, it tells others that you are insightful, creative, and maybe even somewhat spiritual. It’s a fantastic color for formal and creative outings and shows that you are confident in yourself. Purple and white look marvelous together as well as burgundy or blue for a simply stunning look.

Pure, innocent white.

Often associated with a fresh start, simplicity, and purity, white can show others that you are optimistic and reliable as a person. White can also highlight a sense of balance and harmony and can make a powerful statement when paired with gold and silver metallics. Another great thing about white clothing is that it can be paired up with almost any other color accessory.

What do the colors you wear communicate about you?

Mysterious, elegant black.

Black is often seen as an unapproachable color but can really show people your classy and powerful side. It is protective and when worn right is both luxurious and timelessness. Black is suitable for almost all environments, from the office to date night, just be sure to mix it up with different textures and a splash of color from time to time.

One of the first things people notice about you is the clothes you wear so naturally it’s important to look your best. What better way to look good than a splash of color? Whether it’s red, green, blue, or white go out and live your best rainbow life!

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