The most common relationship problems in millennials’ lives

Relationships are always pretty difficult, but it seems that being a Millennial brings its own set of issues. Likely due to the popularity of the internet, social media and dating apps, as well as a change in social protocol. Long gone are the days when young couples were bequeathed, or just married the boy next door. It seems that there are several problems that are very common for millennials in relationships.

Decision paralysis

As a generation that is used to having it all, the thought of settling down with one person can be quite daunting for millennials. The choice paradox and the anxiety that they might miss out on something else by being with the “wrong” person makes it difficult for millennials to be present in a relationship. The best way to work around this is to focus on being the right partner, rather than finding the right partner. The only thing you can control is yourself, so this puts millennials back in the driving seat.


Marriage is no longer the end game that it once was. A lot of millennials will have grown up in broken homes and therefore may devalue the concept of marriage. Others might just not see it as necessary, wanting to focus instead on traveling, or careers. This could cause friction in relationships if both partners are not on the same page with this.

Misunderstanding through text

With texting being the primary form of communication, there is a lot that can be lost in translation. Tone and intention can be misinterpreted through texting which can lead to a lot of anxiety and over analyzation. A lot of millennials will also agonize over crafting the perfect message, which can take up a lot of energy. Most of our communication is done non-verbally, through body language, the tone of voice and facial expressions, which are all things that cannot be observed via message.

Financial independence

Again, we are no longer in an age when the man makes and manages the money, while the woman stays at home to care for the children – in fact, more than ever, many relationships don’t even consist of a man and a woman. As we work towards gender equality, it makes sense that millennials are more reluctant than their ancestors to be financially tied to their partner. This is not always an issue if the couple is happy to compromise, perhaps by having a joint account for any joint expenses but each keeping their individual account too.

Different Stages

Quite often, millennials will feel that they are perpetually single, while their friends get married and have children. Despite the fact that this is often happening a lot later than in the past, it can be disheartening for those who can’t seem to find the one. On the other hand, there will be couples who are maturing at different stages. For example, a woman might want to have a serious relationship, but her boyfriend might still want to spend time being goofy with his friends. This can cause some difficulties.

Being a millennial certainly has its positives, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Many people may say that we have it much easier than past generations, but it seems that really we just have a different set of problems. Being in a millennial relationship can be a challenge, but also pretty rewarding.

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