After this couple won the $300 million lottery they made an unanticipated decision

Each year, over 90 million people head to their local store to purchase what they hope will be a winning lottery ticket. The chances of winning the Powerball are around 1 in 292 million which can seem pretty unreliable odds. However, as they say: you have to be in it to win it. Even though the odds may look as though they’re against you, that doesn’t stop people all across the nation splashing out a few dollars a week in their bid to take home the winning prize. For Cindy Hills, this was precisely what happened. In 2012 she found herself in a slump with no easy way out. After picking up a few tickets, Cindy never believed that she would stand a chance at taking home the big win. So when the numbers came flashing up on the screen, everyone was in shock. The jackpot winnings would change Cindy’s life forever, but what would she buy first? A boat? A plane? A new house? The possibilities were endless…

Back in 2016, the biggest US lottery jackpot ever was announced. The $1.5 billion winnings ended up being split three ways as the lucky individuals came to terms with this life-changing amount of money. For most of us, that amount of money is unimaginable. Even though this money can be life-changing for all the right reasons, it can also be the undoing of many families. Suddenly having more money than you know what to do with can leave some individuals feeling rather power hungry, or if people go mad and spend like there’s no tomorrow the income can soon come to an abrupt end leaving everyone in a sticky situation. People can opt for their winnings to be drip fed to them to try and stop the risk of going crazy with the money. However, the idea of a seven-digit bank account can often be too tempting to resist.

$1 million can go a long way. You could purchase an apartment in New York City with views of the Statue of Liberty, a private island, or your own team of housekeeping staff. So what about when you win $300 million? That’s when the purchases begin to up the ante. Cindy Hills had some unbelievable news for her husband, Mark, back in 2012 that would impact their whole family. When it came to spending the money the couple had a lot to talk about. What would they decide to spend their money on, and how did the purchases manage to get the whole town talking?

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As far as anyone was concerned, it was just another ordinary day for the people of Dearborn, a city in Missouri. Everyone was going about their business until news quickly spread of their neighbor’s newfound fortune. Although Cindy and Mark Hill had always kept their lives to themselves, things were all about to change the day of the big win. For the couple, nothing would ever be the same again. After all, things like this don’t ever happen to people like them…

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