Cutest date ideas that don’t break the bank

While we might be totally in love with our beau, we may not have the funds to spend on the biggest date idea. Have no fear; we no longer have to think about robbing a convenience store as the cutest date ideas that don’t break the bank will leave us with more than enough days of fun.

Make a movie fort

This date idea is perfect for any film lovers as you get two ideas in one. Firstly, you get the fun of setting up the blankets and sheets to create your own movie theater at home. Then, you can enjoy picking out a film to watch without the cost of movie tickets. It’s much cozier than heading to the movies, and there is no one selling overpriced candy bars – it’s perfect.

Cutest date ideas that don’t break the bank

Take a walk

Sometimes, we can forget how beautiful our local area really is, so why not lace up your boots and head outside to see what it’s all about? This way, you can take in the wonders of the outdoors as well as spend some alone time with beau. If you’re lucky, you could even discover a brand new trail or hiking route that could become somewhere special for you and your partner.

Cook together

One of the best ways to test your relationship if by cooking together. The best bit? There is a huge range of possibilities that means there is something for someone of all levels. From cookies all the way up to a full three-course meal, there is no end to the possibilities. Plus, you get the fun of chowing down on your hard work at the end of it all.

Cutest date ideas that don’t break the bank

Go stargazing

The night sky is something that has many of us guessing and can be the inspiration for many things in life. If you’re looking for a cute date idea that doesn’t break the bank, then it could be time to head outdoors and take a look up at the stars. As if that wasn’t enough, the chill of the evening can be the perfect excuse to cuddle up under a blanket as you take in the serenity of it all.

Head to the arcade

The arcade can bring back memories for many of us. They were the perfect place to spend our allowance, and now could be a cheap alternative for a date. You could enjoy the time showing your partner how to play your favorite game or go head to head as you battle it out for the top spot. Plus, you can even enjoy a slice of pizza afterward to finish the night.

Heading out with our beloved is a time that can easily get forgotten in the craziness of life. However, when money is tight, and we need some special time, the cutest date idea that don’t break the bank can be the perfect way to spend the quality time we all need in our lives. Now, it’s just time to choose which one to go for. Wow!

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