Where is the dancing athlete from the 2012 today?

The internet is notorious for for making certain memes and videos go viral and it’s not just for cat videos anymore. There are thousands of memorable and hilarious videos on the internet that have a wide range of content. From pranking unsuspecting friends to funny videos of babies laughing, the internet has allowed almost anyone to get their 15 minutes if they do something entertaining enough. Sometimes, a video gets so viral that you can’t meet a person who has not heard of it.

Some of these videos become so well-known that the person in the video shoots to fame instantly. If you recall, the “Gangnam Style” music video gained over a billion views and had people all over the world doing the famous dance. While Psy (the singer in the video) was already famous in his native South Korea, the viral video threw him into international fame. People from all walks of life were trying to reenact the video or doing the dance and uploading videos of it online. The next notable trend was a fad entitled “Harlem Shake” which was followed by the “whip, nae nae” soon after. Who knows what will be next but whatever it is, it is likely to start from an internet video.

However, since there are so many viral videos such as Gangnam Style online, it is easy for us to forget the old ones as new and more relevant memes pop up in popular culture. But what happens to the people in those forgotten memes and viral videos? One former olympian rose to internet fame after she was spotted dancing before her olympic event in 2012. This gorgeous athlete had everyone laughing and smiling during the games and viewers could not get enough of her. But what ever happened to the dancing athlete and is she still competing today?

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Do you remember this beautiful athlete from 2012 ? If not we’ll give you a quick reminder. Michelle Jenneke was just 19 years-old when she competed as a hurdler. The Australian athlete was preparing to run in her hurdling event and was standing at the starting line with her competitors. She was clearly enjoying her time in the spotlight as she was waving and dancing for the camera.


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