How to deal with the sarcastic friend In the group

Chandler Bing may have perfected his sarcastic comments, but sometimes our friends don’t know when to let it drop. While a small mocking comment may be funny once, they aren’t always appropriate and can quickly get irritating. So what can you do?

Ignorance is bliss

While it may sound harsh, sometimes you just have to close your mind to your sarcastic friend. This could be by quickly acknowledging their comment before moving the conversation along to something else. On the other hand, you could straight up try ignoring their ‘one too many’ remarks. Although it may seem childish, your friend may soon get the hint that you don’t appreciate the sarcasm – especially if you are surrounded by like-minded friends.

Let them know

If you’re not up for ignoring your friend, then it might be time to sit down and talk to your friend about their comments. After all, they say honesty is the best policy. You don’t have to be harsh, but by telling them how their sarcasm is affecting you, it may prevent any fallouts further down the line. Your friend may not be aware that they are making so many comments, or know how they are affecting you and may appreciate your honesty!

Nip it in the bud

Rather than letting your feelings towards your friend bubble up, try telling them that their comments affect you at the time they are said. It may be as simple as saying that it was “too far” or “not appreciated”. This avoids a scene as well as pointing out the annoyance at the time rather than working yourself up over it. You never know, your other friends may back you up and prove that it isn’t just you that doesn’t appreciate the sarcasm.

How to deal with the sarcastic friend In the group

Reconsider the response

Have you ever thought that perhaps you don’t understand your friend’s sarcasm? By changing your reaction, you may find yourself enjoying the quips rather than getting annoyed. Equally, maybe it is time to give your friend as good as they give to show them what it feels like. If that fails, you could use conversations as a game to get in there first. There isn’t much worse than being beaten to the punch line.

Never backstab

As annoying as you may find their sarcastic comments, it’s essential not to talk about your friend when they aren’t there. Being two-faced is never a good look, and if your friend ever discovers what you are saying about them, it could have disastrous effects on your relationship. Although you may want to find out if others in the group feel the same way, you don’t want to come across as the only one with the issue.

It would be a shame to fall out with a friend all because they can’t keep control of their sarcastic comments. Sometimes it is an instant reaction to come out with a comment, while other times they may not realize they are doing it. Either way, hopefully, you will both be able to move past the small bump in the road!

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