How to decorate an empty looking living room

A living room is supposed to be for just that, right? So what about when your living room looks as though it could use a little more life? All you need to do is how to decorate an empty looking living room, and it might not be long before you’re off to a good start.

Tall plants

Plants can be a great way to inject some life into any room of the house. However, opting for taller plants means that you get to utilize more vertical space in the room rather than adding in smaller additions around the room. Bamboo plants, yuccas, and an umbrella tree can be great places to start, while spider plants can fill the room from the ceiling down.

How to decorate an empty looking living room

A feature wall

It might be time to choose a color scheme that catches your eye and make the most of your leading color. This can be a great way to choose a feature wall. Have no fear; this doesn’t have to be anything over the top if that’s not to your taste. A simple dash of color could be all you need to start filling the space.

Room dividers

If you have a lot of space to work with but don’t know how to fill it all, then it might be time to think about a room divider. These can be perfect for splitting the space into more manageable areas instead. As if that wasn’t enough, room dividers can be moved around whenever you want to redecorate the space or want a little more room.

Console tables

Console tables are the kind that you find behind couches. They can be great for all sorts of things. If you have your couch in the middle of the room, then placing a tall table behind them and using it to store lamps, plants, or any other decorative pieces can help to make it look as though the couch belongs there and hasn’t just been randomly placed in the room.

Use the space

It can be easy to push all of the furniture against the walls and wonder why you still have so much space left. It’s time to stop worrying about everything having a backing and pull it into the center of the living room. This can make certain areas of the space, such as a TV area made from a U-shape of couches or a reading nook complete with a bookcase and armchair.

How to decorate an empty looking living room

Utilize patterns

One quick way to make an empty living room look busier than it is could be to add in patterns. The best bit? There are so many ways to combine different patterns. Of course, some love to use a patterned wallpaper while others prefer more subtle ways to add some life, such as with decorative pillows or a rug.


Not all of us have hundreds of pictures that we want to hang on the wall. So how do we use that space? Adding shelves helps to add a new dimension to the room. Don’t worry if you don’t have trinkets for every level. Just one or two items on each shelf can be enough to make the room look more lived in without making it too cluttered.

The living room can be the heart of the home to many, especially as we could spend many evenings here with our friends and family. Learning how to decorate an empty living room can soon make it look full of life once and for all.

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