Great ways to refresh your home

If you feel like you are a bit bored of your surroundings, or the vibe of your home is getting you down, you don’t have to move or even do a full renovation. There are a few small changes you can easily make in order to refresh your home and make it feel brand new, so let’s go!

Start at the bottom

Whether you’ve got tiles, carpets or hardwood, by changing what’s on the floor, you can make a huge statement in a room and give it a whole different look and feel. If hardwood is a little pricey, why not try laminate flooring? If you can’t afford to get all new carpets, invest in a professional carpet clean, or refresh the space with a new rug.

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Great ways to refresh your home

Welcoming walls

If you’re bored of the way a room looks, you can change it quickly with a lick of paint. Mix up the colors or just have one accent or feature wall if you want a quicker way to add something new. Try changing the paintings or photographs on the wall, or get working on a gallery wall like the ones you lust over on Pinterest.

Lighten up

Updating your light fittings is a great way to refresh the look of a room, but if that is a little difficult, you can make a big difference by changing your light shades. Even mixing up the brightness of the bulbs you are using around your home can create a different atmosphere in a room. Let more light into a room with different curtains, or string up some fairy lights for a magical feel.

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Great ways to refresh your home

Change up your decorative pieces

If you’ve had the same vase in your entrance hall since you moved in, swap it out for something else. Buy some new candle holders, different coasters, and unique statement ornaments. Change out your cushions, or decorative throws to give a new feel to a room. You could even create a whole theme from these bits and bobs, such as a seaside based bathroom with shells and driftwood, or add some bunting in the kids’ bedrooms to add a fun touch.


As much as it can be a pain to do, getting rid of things you no longer need or want, can go a long way to refreshing your house. In addition, the minimalist movement is slowly spreading the agenda of minimal lifestyle. Donate or sell anything you are getting rid of, and you can feel good about it going to a home where it will be appreciated. You’ll also end up with plenty of room for anything new you want to bring in as part of your refresh mission.

Refreshing your home doesn’t have to be a considerable commitment costing a whole lot of money and involving getting contractors in. By making a few small to medium changes and your whole house will feel brand new. Start with one room at a time and soon you will notice how much happier being in that room makes you after your efforts – you won’t want to stop!

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Great ways to refresh your home