DIY and Craft Tools That’ll Make You Inspired to Pick Up a New Hobby

Being a mom is a full-time job, but once the kids go to bed, moms deserve some “me-time,” so they can do something they love.

Sometimes moms have no time. You may be running around, making dinner for the family or dropping off the kids at soccer practice or music recitals. You may be a working mom where the hours of the day escape you. But once the kids go to sleep, it’s time to relax. What’s better than doing something you love, such as picking up a hobby that can invigorate you. If you want to have some time to decompress, then these products are definitely for you.

1. A cute large dot journal 

Why we love it: This handy journal comes in various colors, it’s faux leather with 80 ivory pages where you can jot down anything, from your thoughts of the day to grocery lists to recipes.

Reassuring review: “After my kids would go to sleep, I often found myself just lying in bed and watching TV. I thought to myself, I need to really do something to spice it up a bit. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with lounging around in your PJs and watching TV, but I kind of wanted to dedicate that to Sundays. A friend of mine told me about journaling. Not only does it help get out all that you bottle inside, it also frees up your mind from all that clutter. So I went in search of a journal. I loved this one — the color, the size, everything! Everyday I’ve been journaling and it’s the best thing I’ve done. For any moms out there that want to just let it out in a healthy way but writing, this is it. It’s the right choice to make! I’m almost done filling in this journal, so I’m definitely going to buy another one of these soon!”

Get it from Amazon for [$21.95]

2. A set of pop-up sponges for pottery

Why we love it: They’re perfect for cleaning and shaping pottery, and a major plus is that they are made from environmentally friendly materials.

Reassuring review: “Every day I would drop off my daughter at saxophone practice and my son at gymnastics and every day, I would wait outside in my car until they were done. We would head back home, make dinner and once they went to bed, I found myself with nothing much else to do. My husband had his poker nights on Thursdays and I thought, why don’t I try something new. My friend Irene and I enrolled in a pottery class and once we had gotten good, we turned a section of my garage into a little pottery studio. Two nights a week, we dedicate some time to our projects. We just love it! Before buying them, I was concerned they would be rough to the touch, but I was surprised they weren’t! These sponges are made from eco-friendly materials and they are good to grasp on for shaping or cleaning. It was the perfect buy for us and I’m going to buy them again when I use these ones up.”

Get it from Amazon for [$22.99]

3. A set of herb seeds for planting

Why we love it: This set comes with 15 herbs that are good for planting indoors and outdoors. The best part is they are GMO free and also have marked labels, perfect for the beginner! 

Reassuring review: “When I was in college, I loved plants. I would go into conservatories and look and study all the plants. But as it happens for all of us, life gets in the way and eventually you leave your passions behind. But I decided after my kids were a little more grown, to take up planting again. I always wanted to have a little garden in my backyard with cooking herbs. I just thought it was so cute! My husband encouraged me to buy herb seeds for planting. This set comes with all sorts of herb seeds and they were all conveniently labeled so I wouldn’t make a mistake when I planted them. It’s still too early to tell if they will grow, but there’s directions in what to do — from the watering to the amount of soil, so I’m sure in a few weeks or months I’ll have some grown plants with a bunch of cooking herbs. How COOL is that!”

Get it from Amazon for [$22.99]

4. A set of professional paint brushes

Why we love it: They look professional and they’re durable for all your painting needs. The handles are birchwood and the brushes are 70% badger and 30% Japanese synthetic.

Reassuring review: “I started painting in middle school and I was always interested in art. When the kids would go to bed, I would always twiddle my fingers with what to do. I wanted something that I could be passionate about. Housework DOES NOT COUNT. I decided to take up painting. So I bought an easel, some canvases, paints and of course, brushes. I used the downstairs office as a little studio. I was concerned with the bristles, if they would be hard, but the brushes were fantastic. Not only are they great to hold because of the shape of the brush, but the bristles are nice and soft. They don’t get all hard when paint is on them for an extended period of time. I just rinse water and they are very easy to clean, which is fantastic. I do not regret this and will be buying this brand again. For anyone looking for durable paint brushes, even if you’re semi-professional, I recommend these brushes. I give them 100%!”

Get it from Amazon for [$26.95]

5. An artist glove for drawing tablet

Why we love it: It’s a lycra glove that won’t get in the way of digital drawings. It runs smoothly across the screen, without smudging or friction.

Reassuring review: “I bought a tablet earlier this year and I love playing games on it. After a while, I craved for something more. I wanted something artistic that I could print out and hang around the house. So I started getting into digital painting and drawing. The problem, which you may all know, is that my fingers would get in the way of my work and smudge my work. I looked all over online to find something that would avoid this and voila, I found it! My hand glides so perfectly around the tablet and it’s amazing. I have no complaints. The great thing is my daughter sometimes uses my tablet and I bought a smaller size for her and finally I don’t have greasy child smudges on my tablet! Everything works great and I really will purchase this again when the time comes. For anyone debating whether to buy this item, I would suggest you do. It really was a life changer for me.

Get it from Amazon for [$12.99]

6. A pumpkin colored yarn pack 

Why we love it: It’s a durable pumpkin colored 3-pack so you can knit all your favorite items for the fall and winter months — from sweaters to hats to scarves.

Reassuring review: “I remember when I used to go to my grandma’s house and she always sat in the living room sofa knitting things. She would knit everything — from blankets to sweaters to scarves and warm socks. As a hobby when the kids started school, I decided to take up knitting. Now, every night before I go to bed, I slip into bed and knit while watching my favorite TV program. It’s the best thing ever and it keeps me busy. My husband usually sits in the corner and works on his own projects. I call it “our silence hobby” time. It has been great for the both of us really because we each have an activity we enjoy doing, but it’s OUR OWN activity. In regards to the yarn, it’s great to be honest. It’s tough and durable and the kids love when I knit them warm hats for the winter. I do a different color every year for them. Definitely worth the price too because there’s three of them in the pack.”

Get it from Amazon for [$24.99]

7. A needle punched insulated lining

Why we love it: It’s a breathable and heat resistant insulated lining that is perfect for sewn items around the house like casserole holders, iron board holders, or oven mitts. 

Reassuring review: “I love doing household projects. I just love everything about doing things that will spruce up things around the house. I love planting things and setting them as decorations around the house. I love knitting things, as well. I also love sewing things. I decided to start a project this fall and winter to make some oven mitts and casserole dish holders. These needle punched insulated linings were perfect for me. It’s a very easy to use product that really does the job perfectly. It has layers on top and bottom and the great part about it is that it has a thin lining. That was something I was concerned about because I did not want something bulky. I also put it to the heat test with a casserole dish and it is definitely heat resistant. It’s also good quality and I know that I will be buying this product again soon for more projects around the house. I would recommend it to anyone that loves to sew and do sewing projects throughout the year.” 

Get it from Amazon for [$21.00]

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