Don’t send selfies to the insurance company

Insurance. It may sound like the most boring subject on the face of the earth (in fact, our eyes begin to glaze over at even the mention of the word “insurance”) but it is actually super important. Without insurance, any time you crash your car, you would have to pay for everything out of pocket to get it fixed. And we can tell you, that would be very, VERY expensive. Also, if you hit someone else, you would have to pay for all of that person’s medical bills. And if you thought cars were expensive, imagine how much it would cost to fix a person!

If you have a car in the United States, Canada, or basically anywhere in the world, chances are that you need to be in possession of some sort of an insurance policy. In fact, in the United States, it is actually illegal to be driving around without insurance.

The automobile really became popular on the roads of North America following World War I. This was due to the rise of the middle class as well as the fact that Henry Ford and his assembly lines finally made cars affordable enough that the average person could buy one to get around.

But because automotive technology was so new, there were not really any laws in place which could deal with them. Things like speed limits, laws governing how lanes work, stop lights, and so much more did not exist because they never had to. The world was using horses and buggies before cars, and horses only have three speeds – walk, trot, and gallop.

However, with this brand new technology questions of tort and liability all of a sudden began to appear. How does one get a claim if they are hit and suffer a wrongful injury by one of these vehicles? What about if a vehicle crashes into your property? And the driver, what happens to them if they get injured? What about their car if someone else hits them (or if a horse hits them)? Who is responsible for paying for the damages?

Well, all of that changed in the mid 1920s with the advent of auto insurance. But still, rates are really high due to all of the cars on the road, so people will try to do what they can in order to save a bit of cash. However, sometimes, not everything goes according to plan, which is exactly what happened to a woman named Alyssa Stringfellow…


No one actually enjoys filling out mountains upon mountains full of forms and paperwork. And while we may understand the need for bureaucracy, the majority of us are usually left wondering why it needs to be so complicated. Sometimes it is super hard to understand exactly what the paperwork is asking us to do, and every mistake has the potential to cost us thousands. Fortunately for this woman, the mistake she made when filing for insurance only led to heaps of laughter.

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