How to dress casual but professional in the workplace

Smart-casual – what does that even mean anyway? Does wearing your pajamas to work count as too casual, or are your employers really trying to tell you that a suit is mandatory? It’s time to meet in the middle and find out how to dress casually but professionally as you head off to work.

Heels + jeans

Wearing flats and jeans can make it look as though you are heading off for a movie or session at the mall. If you still want to wear you comfy denim, but don’t want to look unprofessional then we may have the answer for you. One way to bring your outfit together is to invest in a pair of heels. They don’t have to be high either. By going up an inch or two can make you instantly look more ready for business than ever before.

Wear a solid color

Yes, we’re sure that floral maxi dress or Hawaiian shirt is incredibly comfortable. Unfortunately, wearing a busy pattern can actually make your outfit look less suited to the office and more suited for a vacation. By swapping out some of your favorite patterned clothes for plain options, you may just have everyone fooled. Now you can enjoy your comfy favorites around the house and at your desk. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

How to dress casual but professional in the workplace

Pointy shoes

There is something about pointed footwear that takes you from zero to business professional in no time. This way, you don’t have to worry about risking your health in towering shoes as you can still rock your flats. Who knew that shoes could make such a difference to an outfit? This could be just the addition you need to take your wardrobe to a whole new level.

Cardigan power

Blazers may look incredibly professional, but they may not always be the most comfortable option for the office, so what do you do when you need a jacket? Well, opting for a cardigan can be the perfect substitute – especially if they are open fronted. Plus, if you choose the right sweater, you could even get away with a jean and cardigan combination for the office. Talk about pure casual comfort.

Think about your hair

Hairstyles can make or break an outfit. Perhaps you have forked out on some top brand clothes, yet something doesn’t look right? This could be your hairstyle! You don’t want to let something so simple be what drags your outfit down. Now it’s time to think about all the various option. You don’t necessarily have to go for a full blow dry every morning. This is your chance to embrace the messy ponytail or bun. If you’re really talented, you could even attempt some braids to make your outfit pop.

Your outfit at work is your opportunity to get your personality out there. After all, no one wants to become just another number at a desk. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. Now, it’s time to enjoy a casual but professional dress code with just a hint of uniqueness.

How to dress casual but professional in the workplace

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