Why everyone should learn from the Royal Family’s social media presence

For centuries, the Royal Family had remained a mystery to most people. People only watched from afar, barely knowing anything to do with the goings-on of the monarchy. Times have changed however, and the Royal Family has had to resort to modern ways of keeping themselves relevant in the public eye.

After a tradition of stiff newspaper announcements, the family switched over to social media. With accounts on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Flickr, the monarchy no longer sounds like a fantasy to most people.

By exploiting the opportunities provided by these worldwide platforms, the family has broken through barriers that existed between them and the public. By engaging millions of followers, they’re able to share their daily engagements and announcements whenever there’s something to report. This practice has proved advantageous on so many levels. A sustained social media presence means the following:

  • They get to connect more with the people. When they share their activities and duties on a daily basis, it’s easier for people to relate with them.
  • They have a say in their own story. Being a high-profile family, the press is always on the lookout for news, scandals, and gossip to broadcast concerning them. With their social media platforms, the family has a chance to share news concerning themselves first hand, and refute any negative reporting.
  • The family familiarizes themselves with the public. Through social media, members of the Royal Family, especially the younger royals, have managed to show the public all sides of being a roya, even going to the extent of sharing their own personal struggles. People now find them more relatable.

The palace has invested heavily in their digital teams, in appreciation of the fact that social media has a big role to play in staying connected with their audiences. This particularly helps with the younger generation, who you’ll be hard pressed to find searching for information about the royals in newspaper articles.

With the obvious importance that the Royal Family has put on their presence on social media, it’s a good idea for everyone to learn lessons from them. If the royals are willing to spend thousands of Euros each month on it, then it’s definitely something everyone should put an emphasis on.

By keeping a constant presence on social media, one is able to build an audience and most importantly, keep it. When people who have an interest in you or what you do are given related information every other day, they’re unlikely to get bored.

The Royal Family has also brought to light the importance of writing down your own story instead of letting the press do it for you. Had they let the newspapers, blogs, websites, tabloids, and magazines be the sole sources of news involving them, they would hardly have any light shed on their daily engagements or personal endeavors.

The press is always on the lookout for hot stories to make headlines, and with such a family, they are often scandalous ones.
If you want to engage the public in something, create a tangible social media presence. That’s the easiest, fastest, and most personalized way of selling your brand to the world.

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