Everything you wanted to know about HGTV star Bryan Baeumler

Home renovation and decorating programmes. Where would we be without them? From inspirational ideas to watching with envy as the contractors and decorators of the world are able to transform the most rundown of spaces into some of the most incredible living spaces. Sometimes it looks as though there is nothing these people can’t tackle. While not all of us could even dream of being able to recreate these homes, we can still watch in awe at the fantastic process they go through to transform these people’s lives. One man has single-handedly been able to steal the heart of the nation. From his monumental big builds all the way down to the nitty gritty detailing of the rooms, there was one man behind it all. That man is Bryan Baeumler. The HGTV host and contractor has landed a number of hit shows over the years, including House of Bryan, Disaster DIY, and Bryan Inc. However, did you ever stop to wonder what happens when the cameras turn off?

HGTV Canada has been on our screens since late 1996 and has provided us with a whole host of home and garden television shows. If you’re into anything DIY, then this is the network for you. The remodeling, renovating, home improvement, and gardening series have kept us entertained for the last 22 years with plenty more still to come as HGTV continues to grow. The network is now so popular that it reaches nearly 100 million households all across the U.S. who tune in every day to see the latest DIY projects or disasters in some cases.

Along with many other HGTV stars, Bryan Baeumler signed up to the network during the ‘00s as he joined the family in 2007. For the last 11 years his personality, as well as his hosting skills, have grown phenomenally. Now it isn’t just Bryan we get to see either. He is joined on many of his shows by his wife, Sarah, as well as his four children: Josephine Judith, Lincoln Wolfgang, Charlotte Anne, and Quintyn Werner. So how does this star manage to juggle his work in amongst family life? Does the fact Bryan works so hard have any lasting effects on his home life, or does the host have some secrets up his sleeve after years of practice? Here we get to take a look at some of the many mysteries behind our favorite HGTV star, Bryan Baeumler…

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Knowing that he wanted to be outside wasn’t a new dream for Bryan. In fact, the HGTV star has admitted that ever since he was in school, he dreamed of being outdoors. While staring out of the window during math class may not be the best way to succeed, Bryan has proved that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Apparently, Bryan’s inspiration to head outdoors came from watching the maintenance workers at his high school. We’re sure they’d have appreciated the help.

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