Everything you wanted to know about House Hunters

There is only one HGTV show that comes out on top. With 25 million viewers a month, and nearly 2 millions viewers an episode, this show has risen above all the rest. That show is House Hunters. The series is so popular that it is currently in its 142nd season! So just what has kept everyone going back for the other 141 seasons? From the brilliant real estate agents to the intriguing couples with the intricate stories, these 22-minute long episodes ram in a whole heap of property decisions teamed with enough family drama to last a lifetime. Getting the choice down to just three properties when there is such a long list of requirements from the family tests the realtors more than they ever thought possible. It is then the family’s choice as to which home they will buy, but will they make the right decision? Even though the episodes are kept to under 30 minutes that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of drama when the cameras stop rolling.

Home and Garden Television (HGTV) first hit our TV screens back in 1994. Just two years later, a Canadian branch of the network aired. At last, our love for all home improvement and DIY shows were being met. Plus, it wasn’t just Canada that got to revel in the marvelous new shows. No, the network currently airs to around 94 million homes all across the nation as we get to see the latest installments of shows from Property Brothers to Love It or List It Vancouver, Flip or Flop to Property Virgin – no great show can hide from us anymore. With all these shows comes the dilemma of creating new and exciting content with each new series. Thankfully, HGTV has perfected their process to ensure only the best shows make it to our TV screens.

Although there are many great shows on HGTV, time and time again we find ourselves being drawn back to the world of House Hunters. The incredible dramas and the nail-biting decisions from the families are too good to miss. However, it appears as though not everything is as it seems on this show. Once the cameras turn off, there are a whole heap of secrets waiting to be unearthed. So how has a show that’s caused so much controversy over the years kept on the air for the last 19 years? It looks as though House Hunters must be doing something right, even with all their mysteries…

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Back in 1999 when the show first made it to air, there was more than just the applicants and the realtors on the show – they used to have a host. For eight years Suzanne Whang would introduce us to the family on the episode in addition to showing us the houses and talking the audience through the decision process. Unfortunately, Suzanne left the series in 2007. Although Suzanne reported she was leaving to follow a career in stand up comedy, the network never confirmed a reason for the host’s departure.

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