The most famous haircuts in the world

Celebrities often have an enormous impact on our daily lives, from the purchases they make to the clothes they wear, to the way they style their hair. We don’t just want to emulate the lives of these perfect celebrities, we want to look like them too! Here are some of the most famous haircuts in the world, that at one point or another, we all rushed out to get…

#7 Meg Ryan, ‘Shaggy Short.’

When Meg Ryan rose to fame in the 90’s, so did her shaggy, short blonde hair do, a look that suddenly women were going crazy for. Everyone wanted to pull this look off, and while it seems a little dated today, it definitely wasn’t short lived!

The most famous haircuts in the world

#6 Pam Grier, ‘The Afro.’

The Afro wasn’t popular in Western culture until actress Pam Grier took to the screens and showed the world her fabulous natural hairdo, cut and trimmed into the perfect shape. Black women finally felt proud of their hair and received recognition for their stunning ‘dos, and the rise of the Afro is a look that is seen more and more frequently as time goes on – by men and women.

The most famous haircuts in the world

#5 Bettie Page, ‘Blunt Fringe’.

A pinup model from the 1940’s, Bettie Page’s face was regularly seen all over the place! When she debuted a brand new look, she showed how her long, luscious waves had been accompanied by a new, extremely short, blunt fringe, as opposed to the classic block fringes everyone was used to. This is a cut that has stuck around and is still popular with people today!

The most famous haircuts in the world

#4 Twiggy, ‘Elfin Crop.’

As well as being pretty iconic for her makeup (who can forget her spidery lashes?!), Twiggy’s ‘do, described by most as an ‘Elfin Crop,’ inspired many women all over the world, and still continues to do so today. Twiggy was always quite flexible with the haircut, allowing the look to grow out slightly and become a short, loose bob before cutting it back into a cropped look again.

The most famous haircuts in the world

#3 Mia Farrow, ‘Pixie Cut.’

The Pixie Cut is a hairstyle that is still incredibly popular today. It was first worn by model Mia Farrow, who actually cut her hair herself, going extremely short when she messed up the style using nail scissors! Her boyfriend at the time, Frank Sinatra of the Rat Pack, loved the haircut on her so much that she decided to keep and maintain it, and it fast became a favorite look all over the world.

The most famous haircuts in the world

#2 Victoria Beckham, ‘the Pob.’

The ‘Pob’ was the affectionate name given to Victoria ‘Posh Spice’ Beckham’s new hair do- a bob that was extremely short at the back, graduating in length to about chin length at the front, razor sharp and dead straight. (Posh + bob + pob…get it?) When Posh debuted this look, women everywhere went crazy, and the style was copied by the adoring public, Posh fans and celebs alike.

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The most famous haircuts in the world

#1 Jennifer Aniston, ‘The Rachel.’

When Jennifer Aniston appeared on popular American sitcom ‘Friends’ debuting her new, choppy hairstyle, girls across the globe went wild and, before you knew it, everyone was rocking a ‘Rachel’ left, right and center.’ Years later, Jennifer has confessed that she actually hated the hairstyle – none of us agree!

The most famous haircuts in the world

These are the most famous haircuts over the decades, but how many have you tried out yourself?

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