The famous hand-holding couple finally shows their faces

When we were younger, we all had big dreams, and we all had big career aspirations. You may have wanted to be an astronaut and explore the deepest depths of the universe. You may have wanted to be a spy, and become even more successful and exotic than James Bond. You may have even wanted to be a professional dolphin trainer, because who doesn’t love dolphins? However, as we grow up, we soon realize that our dreams of being a spy amounts to just that – a dream. Instead, we have to settle for professional careers that force us to sit in a booth from 9-5 and base your week around the number of hours left of the weekend… or do we?

Over the past few years, a new career path has opened the way for a brand new breed of people – travel bloggers. The idea is brilliant, simple, and wonderful. These travel bloggers travel the world, explore new destinations and uncover some of the world’s most beautiful locations and share their experiences with others. They write blogs, they post photographs, and their followers can follow their every move in wonderful technicolor. Although to some this may seem like a wild and unreasonable dream, the travel blogger trend is increasing every single day, and successful travel bloggers can earn enough money to explore the rest of the world on their profits.

But where did it start? Well, people have been travel writing for decades – in the form of travel guides, newspaper columns and more. However, with the rise of social media taking over our lives, more and more travel bloggers are using the social media universe to create their empire. In 2012, one couple started a brand new trend that has since inspired thousands of budding travel bloggers, and it all started with one photograph. Now, this famous hand-holding Instagram couple have tied the knot, and their photos are truly breathtaking…

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Murad Osmann and Natalia Zakharova broke the internet in 2012 when they shared an incredible photograph of their travels in Barcelona. But this was not any old photograph taken on a crummy ol’ disposable camera. This was perfectly timed, it was beautiful, and it perfectly depicted the incredible landscape and the amazing bond the couple has. Little did they know that one little snapshot would spark a whirlwind career that would make them one of the of most popular travel couples in the world…

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